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Return To Monkey Island: All Achievements Guide

Return To Monkey Island: All Achievements Guide

Return to Monkey Island is the sixth and latest entry in the Monkey Island videogame franchise that expands over the original point-and-click gameplay while introducing new stuff along with a myriad of challenges. Return To Monkey Island offers around 39 achievements that players can do by playing through the story, answering Trivia Book questions, and other things. So, if you are a completionist, continue reading our Return To Monkey Island all Achievements guide to learn more. 

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Return To Monkey Island: All Achievements And How To Unlock 

Here is the complete list of all thirty-nine achievements in Return To Monkey Island, along with details on unlocking them. 

  • Part One
    • How to unlock: How to unlock: Started Part One
  • Part Two
    • How to unlock: How to unlock: Started Part Two
  • Part Three
    • How to unlock: Started Part Three
  • Part Four
  • How to unlock: Started Part Four
  • Part Five
    • How to unlock: Started Part Five
  • Trivia Go Getter
    • How to unlock: Answered Ten Trivia Questions Correctly
  • Trivia Master
    • How to unlock: Answered Twenty-Five Trivia Questions Correctly
  • Trivia Grand Master
    • How to unlock: Answered Fifty Trivia Questions Correctly
  • Trivia Lord
    • How to unlock: Answered Seventy-Five Trivia Questions Correctly
  • Trivia Overlord
    • How to unlock: Answered One Hundred Trivia Questions Correctly
  • Card Collector
    • How to unlock: Collected More Than Twenty Trivia Cards
  • Dead Dead Dead
    • How to unlock: Died For Real
  • Pegleg
    • How to unlock: Fulfilled Your Restroom Obligations
  • Lucky Duck
    • How to unlock: Shared Your Luck
  • Mop Heist
    • How to unlock: Attempted To Steal The Cook’s Mop
  • Bragging
    • How to unlock: Told Everyone On Mêlée Island That You Are Looking For The Secret
  • Cartography Nerd
    • How to unlock: Thoroughly Examined All Of Wally’s Stock
  • Fan Service
    • How to unlock: Convinced Cobb To Tell You About LOOM
  • Hey Wait!
    • How to unlock: Freed Otis
  • Mop Top
    • How to unlock: Got Hired With All Four Mop Heads
  • Neat Freak
    • How to unlock: Listed Every Mess On The First Swab’s Report
  • Hot Headed
    • How to unlock: Braved The Scorched Alaska
  • Super Swabbie
    • How to unlock: Swabbed The Hold Twenty Times
  • Tight Ship
    • How to unlock: Decked Out The Sea Monkey II With Spooky Skulls
  • Not Bitter
    • How to unlock: Got To The Heart Of The Problem
  • Deep Sea Diver
    • How to unlock: Explored The Entire Ocean Floor
  • Cogg Island
    • How to unlock: Found Cogg Island
  • Promise Keeper
    • How to unlock: Did Gullet A Favor
  • Relief Pitcher
    • How to unlock: Offered To Donate To The Earthquake Relief
  • Flag Facsimile
    • How to unlock: Performed The Ole Switcheroo With The Replica Flag
  • Trophy Fisher
    • How to unlock: Became A Prize Chum
  • Free Wally
    • How to unlock: Rescued Wally From Monkey Island
  • Patient Citizen
    • How to unlock: Waited Patiently To See Carla
  • Ahoy There
    • How to unlock: Ahoy! More Than Twenty Times
  • On The Lam
    • How to unlock: Let The Lumpsucker Escape
  • Bookworm
    • How to unlock: Found All The Copies of ‘At The End Of The Plank’
  • Speed Runner
    • How to unlock: Reached The End In 2 Hours Or Less
  • I Don’t Believe
    • How to unlock: Returned To The World You Know
  • Dental Samaritan
    • How to unlock: Gave Stan His Toothbrush

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Return to Monkey Island is available on the Nintendo Switch, PC, and macOS platforms. 

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Return To Monkey Island: All Achievements Guide


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