Best 10 Cozy Games Coming to Nintendo Switch in September

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There are a great number of perfectly cozy games to enjoy this month on the Nintendo Switch! Cozy games have a wholesome vibe to them that players are attracted by, although they do not have to any specific game type. Many cozy games have gentle gameplay with a great aesthetic, while others can be exciting but with limited combat. Check out our list of the best cozy games coming to Nintendo Switch in September.

Cozy Games To Play on Nintendo Switch

Cozy games mean different things to different people. For some, a cozy game is one they have played over and over before, such as Skyrim, and they find the cozy vibe comes from the predictability of a game they know very well. For others, a cozy game is one that does not demand much concentration or have much, if any, stressful combat gameplay.

With that in mind, here is our list of the best cozy games to play on the Nintendo Switch this month:


Ooblets is a cute oddity of a game is full of funny little creatures, farming, and dancing. A great way to relax after a hard day, with relaxing gameplay and great aesthetics. Released September 1st 2022 on Nintendo Switch.

Nullwhere ooblets
Ooblets (via Glumberland)

Onsen Master

In Onsen Master you are in charge of managing the hot springs for your customers and help them with their ailments. Not only that, but you must try to reintroduce the communities to each other, and to the mysterious supernatural world they have lost. Released September 1st 2022 on Nintendo Switch.

onsen master nintendo switch
Onsen Master (via Whitethorn Digital)

Disney Dreamlight Valley

This life-sim adventure game is perfect for any Disney fan, or lover of sim games. Go on quest and explore with your favourite Disney and Pixar characters! Help the Disney inhabitants free the Dream Castle from the clutches of the Forgetting by solving puzzles and unlocking great characters. Disney Dreamlight Valley is released September 6th 2022 on Nintendo Switch.

Disney Dreamlight Valley (via Disney)


Kaichu is a kaiju dating sim from Top Hat Studios. Players take on the role of Gigachu who is looking for love and hopes to find it in one of 6 other kaiju. Visit famous landmarks and answer compatibility questions to find out who will be the love of your life. Released September 7th 2022 on Nintendo Switch.

kaichu dating sim nintendo switch
Kaichu (via Top Hat Studios)

Bear & Breakfast

This relaxing management game sees the player as a Bear trying to run a bed and breakfast in the woods. Help turn the abandoned shack into a cute little money making business with your woodland friends! Released September 15th 2022.

Bear & Breakfast (via Armor Games)

Return to Monkey Island

This is the sixth edition in the Monkey Island series. The point-and-click adventure game from Terrible Toybox is a puzzle-based story game where players explore locations, talk to interesting characters, and collect and use important items. Released September 19th 2022 on Nintendo Switch.

return to monkey island
Return to Monkey Island (via Terrible Toybox)

Wylde Flowers

This farming simulator from Studio Drydock has a witchy twist! Players will work with their coven to unravel a mystery, working as a farmer by day and a witch by night. After helping grandma on the farm you can begin brewing potions and fly about on your broomstick! Released September 20th 2022 on Nintendo Switch.

wylde flowers
Wylde Flowers (via Studio Drydock)

The Spirit and The Mouse

This adventure game with a narrative focus sees 2 unlikely allies join forces one stormy night to help restore balance in their village. Explore, collect items, discover secrets, and complete objectives to help the villagers. Releases September 26th 2022 on Nintendo Switch.

spirit and mouse
The Spirit and The Mouse (via Alblune)

Hokko Life

Start your new life in the village of Hokko, in this gentle community sim game from Wonderscope. Craft, design, design, and build to help turn this quiet village into a bustling town! Released September 27th 2022 on Nintendo Switch.

hokko life
Hokko Life (via Wonderscope)

Lemon Cake

Help restore an abandoned bakery in this super sweet management game from Cozy Bee Games. Grow the ingredients you need to then take to your new bakery and make delicious pastries with the help from a friendly ghost. Released September 30th 2022 on Nintendo Switch.

lemon cake
Lemon Cake (via Cozy Bee Games)

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Those are the 10 best cozy games we are looking forward to coming in September. To order or download any of these upcoming titles visit or the Nintendo Store on your device. Have fun, and happy gaming!

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Best 10 Cozy Games Coming to Nintendo Switch in September


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