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Rebel Cookie Toppings Guide – Cookie Run Kingdom

Rebel Cookie Toppings Guide – Cookie Run Kingdom
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If you want to know what are the best toppings for Rebel Cookie in Cookie Run: Kingdom, then you’re in the right place. From discussing the best toppings build to whether or not you should pull for this cookie, this guide covers it all.

Before we dive in, it’s worth mentioning that the toppings build for Rebel Cookie is something that depends on each player. I am saying that because Rebel Cookie is, indeed, quite the “rebel”. It is an Ambush cookie that is played in the Front row, which means that most of the enemy damage will be directed straight towards him.

If you decide you want to expand your cookie collection just like I did, you shouldn’t miss the latest Cookie Run: Kingdom codes because you can get a ton of Crystals for free that will help you summon for Rebel Cookie!

Which are the best toppings for Rebel Cookie in Cookie Run: Kingdom?

To kick things off, some of the best toppings you can use would probably be either Searing Raspberry x5 or Solid Almond x5.

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For more damage reduction & survivability use Solid Almond x5. This is better if you decide to place Rebel Cookie in the front line because he will need every bit of damage reduction to survive the stronger opponents.

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For more damage, use Searing Raspberry x5. If you have 2 other cookies in the front line (like Fettucine or Icicle Yeti, or Fettucine and Burnt Cheese for example), placing Rebel Cookie in the team will automatically put him in the middle line. This lets him live for longer (since he’s not too tanky to begin with).

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About Rebel Cookie

  • Rarity: Epic
  • Position: Front
  • Role: Ambush
  • Skill: Rebel Cookie uses his magic, decreasing the enemies’ DEF, making them more vulnerable to all types of damage, and dealing damage. Enemies with decreased DEF will receive additional damage. Rebel Cookie will increase the allies’ CRIT% and provide an HP Shield for them, blocking damage equal to a portion of the damage he has dealt. After finishing using his skill, he will create 2 decoys that will Push enemies back with each Regular Attack. The decoys have a number of Hits instead of HP. While Rebel Cookie is using his skill, he will briefly become resistant to interrupting effects.

What does that mean?

Rebel Cookie will hit the enemy, decrease their defenses making them vulnerable to ALL types of damage, and the enemies with decreased defense will take additional damage. Rebel Cookie will also buff all allies’ CRIT and grant a shield.

Rebel Cookie will also create 2 decoys that act in a similar way to the boss in Stage 16-18, so they won’t have HP but a hit shield (although it’s just a 10 hit shield).

Is Rebel Cookie worth pulling for?

All things considered, I would recommend pulling for Rebel Cookie just to have him in the collection. I don’t think it’s mandatory to have him, as it would be Fettucine Cookie or other Epic cookies that are amazing.

If you’re still not sure which are some of the best cookies to use, make sure to read our CRK Treasures tier list, where we have a complete list of all the best Treasures available in the game!

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Rebel Cookie Toppings Guide – Cookie Run Kingdom