Realm of Fog and Wind Quest Guide | Genshin Impact Windblume Festival Act III

Realm of Fog and Wind Quest Guide
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Genshin Impact Windblume Festival Act III is currently underway. With each act, we get three new missions related to the Windblume Festival unlocked. Realm of Fog and Wind is the very first quest that Genshin Impact players get in Act III of the Windblume Festival. In this Genshin Impact guide, we will walk you through the entire quest to make it easier to complete.

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There are total eleven parts in Realm of Fog and Wind quest. However, you don’t have to worry as most of the quest is just doing errands and travelling from one point to another. In the entire quest, there is one section where players have to look for Bennet at the Thousand Winds Temple. But, you don’t have to worry as we have got you covered.

Realm of Fog and Wind Quest Guide

Here is the complete guide for Genshin Impact’s Windblume Festival Act III Realm of Fog and Wind quest.

Go to the Alchemy Store

Travel to Mondstadt and visit Timaeus Alchemy Shop to start(progress) the Realm of Fog and Wind quest.

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Go to the Campsite at the foot of Dragonspine and Talk to Albedo

Go to the Adventure Camp near Dragonspine and talk to Albedo.

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Give Materials to Albedo

Albedo will ask you to gather some materials to make Windblume flower. Sadly, this part of the quest for me was instantly completed, maybe because I already had the item in my inventory.

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[Update] You need to collect three Starsilver ore that you can find all around in Dragonspie location.

Give the asked materials to Albedo.

Give the Windblume to Sucrose

Albedo will use alchemy to make an ancient Windblume flower that looks similar to a sweet flower. Take the flower and return to Mondstadt. Give the Windblume to Sucrose – she is found at Timaeus shop.

Go to Church of Favonius and talk to Barbara about Bennet

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Talk to Barbara at the Church of Favonius about Bennet’s whereabouts. While Barbara is unaware, Rosaria comes to the rescue and tells us about Bennet’s location.

Go to the Thousand Winds Temple

Travel to Thousand Winds Temple.

Defeat the Ruin Guard

Defeat the Ruin Guard to continue your search for Bennet. The fight is easy and can be completed without any problem.

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Look for Bennet

Bennet and Razor are locked behind iron gates near the north-west part of the temple.

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Unlock the Mechanism

Press the key on the left wall to free Bennet and Razor.

Go to Angel Share in Mondstadt

Travel back to Mondstadt and let the cutscene play.

Leave the Tavern to complete the quest

Leave the Angel Share tavern to complete Realm of Fog and Wind quest.

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Realm of Fog and Wind Quest Guide | Genshin Impact Windblume Festival Act III


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