With the upcoming spin-off to the Rocky films, ‘Creed’, Real Boxing 2, from Vivid Games, has been selected to be the official mobile game tie-in to the film. Hence it is now Real Boxing 2: Creed.

While you can make your own boxer (who for some reason tend to look over 40), you can play a story mode that has you take control of Creed, with his own fights and rewards and also you can buy a Creed Skin that gives you some nice experience bonus (with in-game currency too!).

Real Boxing 2: Creed uses the new Unreal Engine 4 and it looks, if not as impressive as Afterpulse, still quite a looker. The boxers are nicely detailed and the environments are very well done and are the most impressive part of the game, although the visual style of boxer accessories is also fantastic. It’s almost worth spending premium currency to unlock the VIP boxer robe. That said, when the boxers move, they look robotic, especially when they suffer a knockdown/get knocked out.

IMG_0346The sounds of the boxer’s punches don’t quite have the oomph you want from a boxing game, but it’s still decent enough to help with the enjoyment of laying a beating on your opponent. The music is limited in number and a tad generic but it does sound like the kind of music you hear and is appropriate in sports games and so it does the job.

Real Boxing 2: Creed can be fun to play but it does have its faults. On the one hand, the mini-games are quite fun and not only serve to make your boxer stronger but encourage you to try and beat the best score you remember attaining. It’d be nice if it displayed your personal best. The boxing on the other hand, thanks to stiff movements of your boxers and the AI being cheap at times it can be frustrating to play. That said, it is quite satisfying getting the knockout, or coming back from two horrible rounds and making a comeback to get the decision.

IMG_0348Somewhat annoying is the fact that initially, you can only fight three times before waiting a while to fight again. Clearing a location increases the max times you can fight by one but for those who want to have a long session, it can be quite frustrating to have to wait. Also, Real Boxing 2: Creed is quite cash shop reliant, especially if you’re impatient. Its nice many useful items are purchasable with in-game money but it seems some of the best stuff is most effective gained by buying premium currency.

Still, despite its faults, Real Boxing 2: Creed is still fun and it’s one of the better boxing games out there. Until we boxing fans get a management game in the quality and scope of Football Manager, its games like Real Boxing 2: Creed that will do just fine.

You can download Real Boxing 2: Creed here.

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