Puzzle & Dragons fans who are also anime fans will be delighted in knowing that Gung-Ho has announced a new crossover project which will combine their successful game with one of the most famous Japanese series ever, Dragon Ball.

Unfortunately it’s not really clear at the moment what this project is going to be, as details are almost non existent. The only thing related to the project that’s been made available is a promotional poster, which seems to suggest that the project is going to feature the usual gameplay experience of the game with the world of Dragon Ball Kai, which is the latest animation series produced for Dragon Ball.


Collaborations and crossover features aren’t exactly news for Puzzle & Dragons, as several ones have been launched in the past few months. Among them are Neon Genesis Evangelion, Angry Birds, Batman: Arkham Origins and many others. This new project, however, seems to be something different from a simple collaboration, as the whole setting of the game seems to be affected.

The new Puzzle & Dragons – Dragon Ball Kai crossover project has yet to be detailed in full. We’ll let you know more about is as soon as more news come in on the game so make sure to stay tuned for all the latest iOS gaming news.




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