Batman is found pretty much everywhere in the gaming world lately. Not only the character has been featured in the unique fighting game Injustice: Gods Among Us, he has also appeared in the recent Batman: Arkham Origins, a prequel to the Arkham saga released on consoles.

Batman has been pretty active in the mobile world as well, with a free to play game released a couple of weeks ago on the App Store.

Characters from Batman: Arkham Origins will also be introduced later today in the world of Puzzle & Dragons. They will not look like they do in the original game however, featuring a new look that’s closer in style to Puzzle&Dragons.

The great success the game has been enjoying has made it possible for all gamers to enjoy these cross-overs. Just recently characters from Clash Of Clans have been introduced into the game.

The Arkham Origins characters will be found in a special even dungeon which is going to be available until November 12th. Villains will be collected for monter boxes while heroes like Batman, Robin and Catoman will be made available from a special in-game Egg Machine.

Puzzle&Dragons is an incredibly nice puzzle game with role playing game elements. You can download it now from the App Store and play it on both iPhone and iPad. It’s not an incredibly deep title, but you’ll still be able to enjoy its simple gameplay mechanics if you play it in short bursts.



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