Playing a Batman game is always a satisfying experience. This probably comes from the fact that you spend the majority of time taking down bad guys and super criminals in the name of justice. Even if you’re not motivated by chivalrous feelings, it’s always a nice thing to just unleash everything you got against enemies.

Batman: Arkham Origins Mobile is no different in this regard. This free to play app will let you control the one and only Batman as he fights waves of goons sent by Deathstroke. Despite being tied to the home console and PC game Batman: Arkham Origins, the mobile app is very light on plot details but it’s not a bad thing, considering we’re talking about a simple and somewhat fun brawler.

The controls are incredibly responsive and you’ll hard miss an action, with taps and swipes being used to perform Batman’s basic attacks. You’ll also have to complete some simple mini games to perform a few special moves. The controls are also quite responsive when navigating menus.

Just like in the main Arkham games, you’ll also be able to buy new moves and gadgets. Unfortunately this is where things start to go wrong, with the free to play mechanics getting in the way of enjoyment, as you’ll have to spend real money to be able to buy all of Batman’s upgrades.

Being a free to play game also means that you’ll have to deal with a stamina bar which depletes too quick an refills way too slowly, forcing gamers who want to play without having to endure the long wait to use real money.

Even if you’re willing to shell out the money to keep playing, you will not do this too often. Arkham Origins mobile is a repetitive game that doesn’t really offer much variety. You’ll be fighting the same thugs over and over and over, with very little variation in the action.

It’s a shame that the game turned out like this because it has potential. Arkham Origins mobile has been developed by Netherealm Studios, a team that know how to make a compelling fighting game but the free to play model really got in the way. With the game graphics looking so beautiful, it would have made more sense to develop a paid game with a better gameplay experience.

It’s still a fun experience if you don’t play too much of the game in one sitting. However you can be sure that boredom will soon be kicking in, with the free to play mechanics make the whole situation even more frustrating. In the end, Arkham Origins Mobile is good enough for a few quick fights but nothing more.

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