Puzzle And Dragons Update To Feature Neon Genesis Evangelion Characters


The popular mobile title Puzzle And Dragons is going to receive another update next month, introducing some new characters and dungeons.

Japanese animation fans will be pleased to know that Neon Genesis Evangelion characters will be included in the game with a new themed dungeon, rare eggs shaped like the EVA-01 and egg drops featuring characters of the series like Shinji, Asuka, Rei, Kaworu, Mari and the EVA units they pilot. As if this wasn’t enough, the update will feature special Awoken Skils and Evangelion themed Ultimate Evolutions. That’s quite a bit of contents.

For those not knowing, Neon Genesis Evangelion is a Japanese animation series created by Gainax featuring a lot of interesting themes. Set in a futuristic Toky fifteen years after a cataclysm, humanity faces the threat of some mysterious monsters called Angels. The story of the anime begins with Shinji Hikari getting recrutied by the NERV organization, who forces the boy to pilot an Evangelion, a giant bio-machine that’s capable of taking down Angels when controlled by a skilled individual. The series focuses on both this war against the Angels and on the several Evangelion pilots, exploring their emotions during the conflict. The series is also known for the use of religious symbolism and themes.

The Neon Genesis Evangelion Puzzle And Dragons update will launch in Japan next week and sometime during March in Europe and North America.


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Puzzle And Dragons Update To Feature Neon Genesis Evangelion Characters


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