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PUBG Mobile is back with another amazing event. After a long time, Tencent Games has planned to give free permanent outfits and other cosmetics items to its players. Starting from June 1, players could participate in the newest Synergy Party event to grab 2x Legendary Outfits followed by rare headgears as a complimentary reward.

Basically, players have to collect synergy stamps in the Synergy Party event by completing a set of missions. Furthermore, they can redeem those tokens to get phenomenal rewards in PUBG Mobile.

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Here are the complete details of the PUBG Mobile’s Synergy Party event.

How to complete PUBG Mobile’s Synergy Party event?

  1. Launch PUBG Mobile on your device.
  2. Go to the Events section.
  3. Navigate to the Themed tab and locate Synergy Party in the list.
  4. Accumulate Synergy Stamps by completing missions.
  5. Exchange stamps for permanent rewards.

The Synergy Party event is valid till 12th June.

List of Missions

  1. Complete a match with friends in Classic mode. (2x stamps)
  2. Complete three matches with friends in Classic mode. (2x stamps)
  3. Complete five matches with friends in Classic mode. (3x stamps)
  4. Give five LIKEs (Chicken) to your friends. (1x stamps)
  5. Give three Hearts (Chicken) to your friends. (1x stamps)
  6. Give two roasted chickens to your friends. (1x stamps)
  7. Have 1 more connection. (4x stamps)
  8. Have 2 more connections. (4x stamps)
  9. Have 3 more connections. (4x stamps)
  10. Have 1 partner. (5x stamps)
  11. Increase synergy with your partner by 50. (5x stamps)
  12. Increase synergy with your partner by 100. (5x stamps)
  13. Increase synergy with your partner by 150. (5x stamps)


Gothic Gentleman Outfit (Requires 50 stamps)

Gothic Lady Outfit (Requires 50 stamps)

Gothic Gentleman Hat (Requires 25 stamps)

Gothic Lady Hat (Requires 25 stamps)

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