Princess in Terraria: Where to Find, and Why They Are Needed

In this article we will talk about the Princess – a unique NPC added to Terraria a few months after the release of the final patch Journey’s End. The update also contained some other content, summarizing the results of the costume contest. But in this article, we will focus on the Princess.

Where to Find Princess in Terraria?

For this NPC to appear in your settlement, you will need to fulfill several conditions. In addition to the obvious presence of a suitable room, you will need to populate all other characters in your world, not counting Santa Claus and city pets. Since the last NPC unlock occurs after you kill Plantera, this means that the Princess cannot appear before this event.

Why is Princess Needed in Terraria?

The girl’s repertoire of objects is not very impressive: they all have only cosmetic use, be it a set of clothes, crystal flowers, or paintings for decorating premises.

Of the interesting things, we can only note the music box with the composition of Journey’s End. Also, she has paintings with references to the castle of Princess Peach from Mario and the Pink Floyd group. All sold items, except for the music box, are always available. You can buy a box with music only after you kill the Moon Lord.

How to Make Princess Happy in Terraria?

The Princess has no preference for biomes or neighbors. She will be equally happy to live anywhere. At the same time, for complete comfort, she needs from two to three neighbors. Absolutely all NPCs have a positive attitude towards the Princess.

Although the Princess does not have some very useful properties, the ability to use her for arranging a pylon system should not be underestimated. Perhaps in the future, the girl will acquire an additional role, but for now, let it be an additional reward for your game achievements.

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