Pokemon Legends: Arceus is an all-new title in the Pokémon series. The game takes place in the Hisui region, which is actually becomes known as the Sinnoh region later down the line. In ancient times, before Pokémon were domesticated, humankind sought them out to study and learn more about them. With a new region comes new forms and evolutions, and here are some of the Pokémon we’d like to see get new formes/evolutions in Pokémon Legends: Arceus!


The bug and steel dual-type Pokémon Durant is such a cool idea for a Pokémon. What if you took common black ants but made them out of metal? Sounds pretty rad, and Durant has no evolved form, so we think this is the perfect opportunity.

Since the Hisui region has plenty of tall hills and ridges, there could be a new variant of Durant that is built for the mountainous areas. This form of Durant could evolve into a form with bigger mandibles that help them dig through the hard terrain easier.


Relicanth is a dual-type water and rock Pokémon that highly resembles the real world coelacanth, which are ancient fish that have been around for a very long time. Given the spiritual and ancient feel of the Hisui region, we think that a new form or evolution for Relicanth would fit in perfectly. If Basculin got a new evolved form, we think other fish-type Pokémon can get some too!


The subject of many memes throughout history and rightfully so, Bidoof has been one of the most referenced laughing stocks ever since it was introduced in generation four. Bidoof is the epitome of the throwaway “com-mon” type, the obligatory normal-type Pokémon that appear in every main game. Featuring cute and simple designs but poor stats, these guys never get to see high-end battles.

But that’s exactly why we think Bidoof should get a day in the limelight this time around. The funny little beaver guy is celebrated so much in the Pokémon community, we think Bidoof would be a great candidate to receive a new regional variant or evolution. Although, during the new trailer you can clearly see Bidoof and Bibarel, its evolved form, so we don’t know if that confirms anything. We can only hope!


Yes, we’re already aware that Slowpoke got a Galar form in Pokémon Sword and Shield, but we can’t help it — we just love the little pink friend too much! Slowpoke is a squishy and dopey psychic and water-type Pokémon, and it was once hunted as its tails were believed to be a sort of delicacy for some.

There seems to be a lot of lakeside areas in Hisui region, so we’re hoping we get to see some new form of Slowpoke. It’ll be even better if it gets a new evolved form, but that might mean we’ll also have a new form of Shellder.


This light blue electric squirrel is one of our favorite Pikachu offshoots, mainly because of its pretty color scheme. The poor guy hasn’t had an evolved form either, so we’re hoping that it gets its chance to shine in the Hisui region. Who knows, maybe it can evolve into a big furry squirrel — we’d love to see that!

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The iconic water and ice plesiosaur Pokémon, Lapras has seen it all. There’s always at least once Lapras seen in every generation, even though it never got an evolved form. Lapras did eventually get a Gigantamax form in Pokémon Sword and Shield, though we’d rather prefer a proper evolution or form for it.

Though Lapras is both water and ice type, we barely get to see it traversing arctic waters. Since the Hisui region is generally a pretty cold place, we could see a new form that emphasizes a more of an icy feel to it.


Delibird is a red penguin dual-type ice and flying Pokémon. Since Farfetch’d got a Galar region form last generation, we’re thinking that the next unique bird-type Pokémon is up. Delibird’s typing is perfect too, since it matches the cold weather climate of the Hisui region. They also love building their nests on cliff edges too, and the Hisui region has plenty of mountains!


The classic wild bull Pokémon seems like a good fit for the Hisui region. Taking a cue from Wyrdeer and Hisuian Growlithe, a Hisuian Tauros could have a lot more fur to keep itself warm in Hisui’s bitter cold. There are lots of open range kind of fields all over Hisui as well, so they’d be able to roam free to their hearts’ content.


On the topic of Tauros, if we don’t get them, then we should at least get Bouffalant, the generation five variant of Tauros. Bouffalant is a large bovine with two big horns and a poofy afro on its head. Can you imagine the Hisui form that has the afro grow even larger to keep more of the Bouffalant warm? We’d love to see what that’d look like!


The fiery rock turtle Pokémon Torkol has always had a cool design. The Hisui region has a big old volcano right in the center of the entire region, so we’re expecting to find some cool rock and fire Pokémon there. Torkol getting a new evolution would be really awesome, and we can’t think of anything else but just a bigger form of it. Imagine heading to the volcano and finding giant fire turtles walking around!


The venus fly trap turned Pokémon Carnivine has always been a favorite of ours. Its goofy yet cool design makes it very endearing, and we’ve always wished it got some love ever since its debut in generation four. We’re not really sure how grass Pokémon are going to fit into the climate of the Hisui region, but we hope that we see a new form of Carnivine!


Carbink is a cute little rock and fairy type Pokémon. These little buddies are basically cave crystals that are alive, and they’re pretty charming. They’re found mostly underground and in large cave networks, so a new form for the Hisui region’s mountains would be pretty cool. Maybe even a fire type to go along with the volcano in the middle?

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Pincurchin is basically a sea urchin but with electric powers. Its design is rather plain, but we actually like it for that reason — you know what they say, less is more! We do like the yellow butt it kind of has for what we assume is a mouth. A new variant could be found on the shores of the Hisui region, maybe with some new climate adapting powers.

Those are our personal choices and ones we think would fit in the Hisui region pretty well. What about you? Which Pokémon do you want to see get new forms or evolutions? Let us know in the comments below!

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