Pokemon Legends: Arceus is an upcoming new addition to the Pokemon gaming series released by Game Freak in 2022. The action RPG (a first for the Pokemon series) is a prequel to the Pokemon universe that we know, and the story involves creating the Hisui Region’s first ever Pokedex. As the title suggests the open-world game will involved the mythical Arceus Pokemon will play an important role.

According to trailers and pre-release details there are at least 88 Pokemon to discover in the region, including 4 new types/evolutions. One of the Pokemon existing in the Hisui Region is the Shinx, and rumour has it there is more than one form- a first for this Pokemon.

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The Shinx is an electric-type Pokemon which evolves into Luxio and Luxray. During Pokemon Presents, fans were shown an array of features in the game and some noticed that Shinx looked like they have an alternate form.

Some fans have speculated that perhaps the second form is “a red eyed angry form”, while others have pondered that perhaps it is dependent on height and weight. It seems more likely that the alternate forms are gender-specific.

Pokemon Legends: Arceus is available for pre-order now and is released in 2022.

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