Pokemon Unite Season 2 Tier List (November 2021)

Pokemon Unite Season 2 Tier List (November 2021)

Already a rockstar of the MOBA genre with the launch of its Patch 1.2 version, Pokemon Unite’s Season 2 has a significant number of balance changes in the game’s characters and objectives. Just like Mamoswine in October, new Pokemons namely Sylveon and Greedent have been added this time too. While certain picks from the meta edition like Venusaur and Lucario have been nerfed, weaker ones like Pikachu and Garchomp have bumped up kits. 

To obtain high scores faster in the game, this season’s Pokemon Unite Tier List is your definite holy grail.

Pokemon Unite Season 2 Tier List (November 2021)

Pokemon Unite Season 2 Tier List (November 2021)

The veterans of the last patch will know the categories like the back of their hands but the following is the list of categories, just in case.

S Tier: Strongest characters in current meta.

A Tier: Strong characters but not like S tier.

B Tier: Characters in a balanced spot.

C Tier: Characters strong in certain games.

D Tier: Weak characters.

In Pokemon Unite Season 2, these are our top picks for each tier:

S Tier: Zeraora, Lucario, Greedent, Greninja

A Tier: Absol, Blastoise, Cinderace, Cramorant, Greedent, Pikachu

B Tier: Mamoswine, Wigglytuff, Venusaur

C Tier: Garchomp, Slowbro, Snorlax

D Tier: Gardevoir, Machamp

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There will be all-rounders, attackers, speedsters, defenders and supporters and each player’s experience will differ. According to our experience, Lucario remains the best all-rounder despite of repeated nerfing in previous patches. Greninja takes the best attacker spot with its smooth mobility and its ability to switch to a speedster too. Zeraora is the best speedster, hands down. Thanks to the rapid damage and healing rate. Greedent: the best defender obviously because of the iconic Berry Belly Flop move. Lastly, Blissey has the best co-existence with Greninja and Zeraora, making it the best supporter. 

That’s about it. Let us know how our tier list for Pokemon Unite Season 2 worked out for!

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Pokemon Unite Season 2 Tier List (November 2021)


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