Pokemon Unite Garchomp Build Guide: Best Items, Moves, and More

Garchomp in Pokemon Unite is an All-Rounder type of Pokemon. It starts the game as Gible at level 1 and then evolves in Gabite at level 6. Finally, it turns into Garchomp at level 10. This guide will tell you the best items, moves, and more for Garchomp in Pokemon Unite.

Garchomp Best Moves in Pokemon Unite

Garchomp in Pokemon Unite is a strong and balanced character with great mobility, damage, and sustainability. The first ability you should pick at level 1 is Sand Attack as it gives you both mobility and damage. At level 6 you should replace it with Dig. This Move gives great opportunities to engage and disengage the combat which is always good for All-Rounders.

At level 8 you will be able to replace Bulldoze with one of two abilities. We recommend you to choose Earthquake for its great combination with Dig.

Garchomp Best Items in Pokemon Unite

Garchomp in Pokemon Unite belongs to the universal ones. It means that your item picks should improve both its attack and defense. The best pick for Held Items is the next:

  • Muscle Band gives you a great damage boost
  • Razor Claw is a good item for All-Rounders as it improves Pokemon’s basic attack after it used a Move
  • Rocky Helmet boosts your HP and Defense

As a Battle Item, we recommend you to use Eject Button as it gives you additional opportunities to escape the combat or engage it.

How to Play as Garchomp in Pokemon Unite

Garchomp in Pokemon Units is a great universal character that can be used in most roles in the game. It is good for Jungle, Top, and Bottom. Some players even use it on the Middle lane because of its mobility.

Garchomp is a fighter that should engage the combat and deal damage, but be careful as you are not the most sustainable Pokemon in the game. It is pretty easy to focus on you and kill. So, don’t rush in front of your tank and attack only when you are sure you will win.

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