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Pokemon Masters: Best Team Composition / Team Setup for Free to Play Gamers

Pokemon Masters: Best Team Composition / Team Setup for Free to Play Gamers

I was saying in my previous article where I have shared the Pokemon Masters Tier List that it might not be that useful in all situations and for all players. If you are a F2P gamer – meaning that you don’t want to spend any money in the game – then you will most likely not have all (if any) of the 5-star Sync Pairs.

Therefore, I have decided to create this article, sharing the best team setup for free to play Pokemon Masters players. This means that I am mainly looking at the characters you are getting from regular in-game progression (completing the chapters) and see what can be done to put them to good use.

First of all, let me remind you that I have also shared a reroll guide in case you just started and want to give it a shot at getting a 5 star character.

Second, even without the time consuming rerolls, you will still receive a lot of Gems for free as various in-game rewards, which will allow you to get a few to several Sync Pair scouts, which will in turn expand your roster a little bit.

This means that you will not have to rely 100% on the characters you’re getting through in-game progression and most likely – or hopefully – you will get a 5-star along the way (apart from Rosa) or at least a couple of 4-stars to give you more options.

But no matter if you do or if you don’t, I am here to share with you a recommended team composition for free to play fans of the game. This means that the Pokemon Masters team setup that I will recommend below will be easy to create if you simply play through the game’s main story.

I will also list a few other great sync pairs that you get for free, so that you have even more option. Don’t forget to mix and match those that you have with those that you get from the Scouts and build your ultimate team for free!

Now here’s my recommended F2P team setup for Pokemon Masters:

Skyla & Swanna

Rosa & Snivy (evolve if possible)

Hau & Raichu

This is the team that seems to work best in most situations. Of course, there are element weaknesses that you should consider, and for that you might want to switch the weak ones with those who get the elemental advantage.

I would like to mention the following Trainer / Pokemon combinations that work really well together, are obtained for free during the campaign and can be switched with the required main heroes:

Erika & Vileplume (if you need extra strength with the grass element and Rosa is not enough)

Clair & Kingdra (you do unlock them late, though, in chapter 13)

– Flint & Infernape (chapter 12)

Pryce and Dewgong

Korrina and Lucarino

Barry and Piplup

So far, this is the setup that I’ve had most success with. I did use (and still using sometime) the main character with Pikachu simply because I love the latter and the game gets extra roleplay points for having me featured in the battles… but otherwise, I am really happy with these setups.

As long as you manage to keep the elemental strengths and weaknesses under control, you shouldn’t have a lot of trouble even with the most difficult stages in the game.

Are you a free to play gamer? If so, let us all know if you agree with my recommended team setups (and potential switches) or if you prefer different sync pairs.

Also, don’t forget to keep an eye on our Pokemon Masters guide hub for all the things you need to know about this game.

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Pokemon Masters: Best Team Composition / Team Setup for Free to Play Gamers


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