Pokemon Masters Evolution Guide: How to Evolve Your Pokemon

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Today we are going to talk about Pokemon Evolution in Pokemon Masters and how to do it. Unfortunately, some people will be disappointed a bit because at the moment of writing, it’s just a small number of all the Pokemon available in the game that can be evolved.

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I am also certain that, as the game grows and new updates are launched, there will be more and more pokemon that you will be able to evolve.

Still, “some” is better than “none” and since we have both evolution and mega evolution available in Pokemon Masters, there’s still a challenge for us to complete and an additional reason to focus on specific sync pairs over the others.

But how do you evolve your Pokemon in Pokemon Masters? Read on to find out!

First of all, in order to even be allowed to think about evolving your Pokemon in the game, you will need to reach a certain level with your Sync Pair. This varies a bit from Pokemon to Pokemon, but it’s usually above level 30 – sometimes well above that.

Level 30 was the level cap during the pre-launch phase of the game, but now since the level cap has been greatly increased, the evolution requirements have gone up as well.

As soon as you reach the required level for the evolution of your Pokemon, you will also receive a message informing you about reaching that milestone. Unfortunately, your Pokemon won’t evolve automatically and you will still have to complete some tasks.

First, you will need Evolution Shards and/or Evolution Crystals in order to afford the evolution. These can be purchased from the in-game store for coins, but most likely for your first evolution you will have enough gathered from various in-game rewards.

Usually, you will need 5 Evolution Shards for a Stage 1 Evolution and 3 Evolution Crystals for a Stage 2 Evo. You will have to pay 1,000 coins in the store for each… but the numbers are decent to say the least.

Now that you have both the items required to evolve your Pokemon Masters Pokemon, and have reached the required level, there’s one more thing for you to do: complete a Sync Pair story.

This will be a pretty tough one, so prepare for a real challenge! Don’t try to play it on auto: do it yourself instead as it’s not easy!

But by the time you get there, you will most likely have enough experience playing with the Sync Pair you’re trying to evolve, so that you will be able to get the most out of it and successfully complete the evolution. In the end, a bit of extra challenge never hurts!

What happens when you evolve Pokemon in Pokemon Masters?

Except for getting a more mean-looking Pokemon to fight alongside your trainer, evolving your pokemon in the game makes your team stronger. It also unlocks (although it appears not to be the case in all situations) a brand new Sync Move that’s extremely destructive.

What Pokemon can you Evolve in Pokemon Masters right now?

Please note: the list below might change as new updates are released. But for now, here are the sync pairs where you can evolve the Pokemon and what they will evolve into:

3-star sync pairs

Bugsy & Beedrill (Mega Beedrill)

Price & Seel (Dewgong)

Barry & Piplup (Prinplup -> Empoleon)

Korrina & Lucario (Mega Lucario)

4-star sync pairs

Agatha & Gengar (Mega Gengar)

Noland & Pinsir (Mega Pinsir)

Wikstrom & Aegislash (Aegislash)

Viola & Surskit (Masquerain)

5-star sync pairs

Kris & Totodile (Croconaw -> Feraligatr)

Karen & Houndoom (Mega Houndoom)

Rosa & Snivy (Servine -> Serperior)

What are Mega Evolutions in Pokemon Masters?

As you can see, many of the Pokemon evolutions available in the game at the moment are Mega Evolutions.

These can only be achieved during battle, transforming the Pokemon into a better one – but just for one battle. Even if there are multiple stages in a battle, the Mega Evolution will have to be reactivated again, making it useful only for long, challenging battles.

In order to achieve a Mega Evolution in Pokemon Masters, you will have to use the Sync Move (that special move all pairs have) whenever it becomes available.

Just remember that in most cases and especially early on in the game, you’re much better off using a Sync Move that deals damage to the enemy team and getting a Mega Evolution is a waste. Only later on, when battles are tougher these are starting to be worth it.

And this would be it! You know now how to evolve your Pokemon in Pokemon Masters, as well as everything else there is to be known about this in-game feature.

If you have additional questions, let us know by commenting below. And if you want even more help, take a look at our Pokemon Masters Guide Hub.

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Pokemon Masters Evolution Guide: How to Evolve Your Pokemon

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