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Pokemon Masters Sync Pairs List: Trainers & Pokemon

Pokemon Masters Sync Pairs List: Trainers & Pokemon
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You’ve gotta collect ’em all and in the recently released Pokemon Masters, “all” means 65. And we’re here to list them all so that you have a better view of what trainers and pokemon you can expect to unlock.

This latest Pokemon game for mobile actually comes with the concept of “Sync Pairs,” which are pairs of Trainers/Pokemon. This way, you won’t be hunting or trying to unlock pokemon alone, as each will come with their specific Trainer.

As I was saying, there are 65 Sync Pairs available in the game at the moment of writing, but I am pretty sure that their number will increase dramatically as time goes by and new updates are released.

But until then, let’s check out the Pokemon Masters List of Trainers & Pokemon (aka the Sync Pairs) and learn a few things about them – as well as check their Max Level stats (without any star upgrades)

Yourself & Pikachu

These are the starting characters and even though they only begin with 3 stars, they can easily be upgraded to 5 stars in order to reach their potential.

Moves: Thunder Shock, Thunderbolt, Potion, Jump Start
Sync Move: Thunder of Newfound Passion
Passive Skill: Endurance

Brock & Onix

Moves: Rock Throw, Rock Tomb, Potion, Rock-Hard Determination
Sync Move: Rock-Solid Rockslide
Passive Skill: Stoic 2

Sygna Suit Brock & Tyranitar

Moves: Rock Tomb, Rock Slide, X Attack, Rock-Solid Finisher!
Sync Move: Sygnature Rock-Solid Stone Edge
Passive Skill: Sand Fortress

Misty & Starmie

Moves: Bubble Beam, Catch Us If You Can, X Sp. Def All, Hydro Pump
Sync Move: Tomboyish Mermaid Bubble Beam
Passive Skill: Healing Hand 2

Lt. Surge & Voltorb

Moves: Thunderbolt, Eerie Impulse, X Speed, A Surge of Power
Sync Move: Electric Sync Beam
Passive Skill: Last Word

Erika & Vileplume

Moves: Energy Ball, Stun Spore, X Sp. Defense, Pour It On!
Sync Move: Nature-Loving Petal Dance
Passive Skill: Piercing Gaze

Blaine & Ponyta

Moves: Flame Wheel, Raging Inferno!, Fire Spin, Sunny Day
Sync Move: Fire Sync Impact
Passive Skill: Hostile Environment 1

Lorelei & Lapras

Moves: Ice Beam, Blizzard, X Speed, Brace Yourself!
Sync Move: Freezing Terror Blizzard
Passive Skill: Hostile Environment 1

Bruno & Machamp

Moves: Karate Chop, Cross Chop, Dire Hit, Hoo Hah!
Sync Move: Trained-to-the-Max Dynamie Punch
Passive Skill: Critical Strike 2

Agatha & Gengar

Moves: Lick, Run Along Now, Hypnosis, Shadow Ball
Sync Move: Tried-and-True Hex
Passive Skill: Wide Awake

Kris & Totodile

Moves: Waterfall, Mega Kick, X Attack, Pick Up the Pace!
Sync Move: Water Sync Impact
Passive Skill: Endurance, Water Shift

Bugsy & Beedrill

Moves: Fell Stinger, Twineedle, Sure Crit, Beehold My Research!
Sync Move: Bug Expert Twineedle
Passive Skill: Critical Strike 2

Whitney & Miltank

Moves: Body Slam, Stomp, X Speed, I’m All Kinds of Strong!
Sync Move: Supercute Rolling Tackle
Passive Skill: Mad Strength 2

Pryce & Seel

Moves: Ice Beam, Icy Wind, Dire Hit, I’ll Teach You a Lesson!
Sync Move: Ice Sync Beam
Passive Skill: Superduper Effective 2

Clair & Kingdra

Moves: Dragon Breath, Draco Meteor, X Sp. Attk, Victory Is Mine!
Sync Move: No Mercy Dragon Pulse
Passive Skill: Racing Rain 2

Janine & Ariados

Moves: Cross Poison, Venom Drench, Dire Hit, Move Like the wind!
Sync Move: Ninja Spirit Cross Poison
Passive Skill: Hostile Environment 1

Will & Xatu

Moves: Stored Power, Our Power Is Limitless, Confuse Ray, Air Slash
Sync Move: Mystery Masquerade Psychic
Passive Skill: Impervision

Karen & Houndoom

Moves: Bite, Snarl, Dire Hit, Entertain Me!
Sync Move: Beguiling Dark Pulse
Passive Skills: Flameproof, Wide Awake

Brendan & Treecko

Moves: Bullet Seed, Leaf Storm, Dire Hit, No Turning Back!
Sync Move: Grass Sync Impact
Passive Skill: Haste, Lithe

Roxanne & Nosepass

Moves: Ancient Power, Study Buddies, X Defense All, Wide Guard
Sync Move: Rock Sync Beam
Passive Skill: Surging Squad 5

Brawly & Makuhita

Moves: Rock Smash, Brick Break, Potion, A Rain of Fists!
Sync Move: Fighting Sync Impact
Passive Skill: Power Reserves 2

Flannery & Torkoal

Moves: Ember, Will-O-Wisp, X Sp. Attack, Too Hot to Handle!
Sync Move: Fiery Passion Overheat
Passive Skill: Impervious

Norman & Slaking

Moves: Body Slam, Double-Edge, X Attack, All-Out Effort
Sync Move: Power-Chasing Giga Impact
Passive Skill: Power Reserves 2

Winona & Pelipper

Moves: Air Slash, Rain Dance, Graceful Aerobatics, Rain Dance, Hurricane
Sync Move: Flyaway Air Cutter
Passive Skill: Racing Rain 2

Tate & Solrock

Moves: Zen Headbutt, Rock Tomb, X Attack, All as One!
Sync Move: Zen Headbutt of Duality
Passive Skills: Power Chain 3, Headstrong, Unbending

Liza & Lunatone

Moves: Confusion, Of One Mind!, X Sp. Def. All, Psychic
Sync Move: Psychic of Duality
Passive Skill: Power Chain 3, Dauntless, Stalwart

Phoebe & Dusclops

Moves: Shadow Punch, Unbreakable Bonds!, Dire Hit All, Double-Edge
Sync Move: Ghost Sync Impact
Passive Skill: Pass It On, Vigilance

Drake & Salamence

Moves: Dragon Crew, Hard to Starboard, X Sp. Def All, Dragon Breath
Sync Move: Righteous Heart Dragon Claw
Passive Skill: Terrify 1

Noland & Pinsir

Moves: Fury Cutter, X-Scissor, X Attack, Bring It On!
Sync Move: Factory Head X-Scissor
Passive Skill: Headstrong

Barry & Piplup

Moves: Bubble, Bubble Beam, Full Heal, No Hesitation
Sync Move: Water Sync Beam
Passive Skill: Power Flux 5

Roark & Cranidos

Moves: Smackdown, Head Smash, X Attack, You’re Gonna Need a Helmet!
Sync Move: Rock Sync Impact
Passive Skill: Headstrong

Gardenia & Roserade

Moves: Absorb, Leaf Storm, Dire Hit, Trust in Nature!
Sync Move: Vivid Leaf Storm
Passive Skill: Speeding Sun 2

Maylene & Meditite

Moves: Rock Smash, Gloves Off. X Attack All, Drain Punch
Sync Move: Fighting Sync Impact
Passive Skill: On the Ropes 3

Crasher Wake & Floatzel

Moves: Waterfall, Water Pulse, Dire Hit, CRASH!
Sync Move: Crashdown Aqua Jet
Passive Skills: Racing Rain 2, Aggravation 1

Candice & Abomasnow

Moves: Ice Punch, Hail, X Speed, It’s All about Focus!
Sync Move: All-about-Focus Avalanche
Passive Skills: Antifreeze, Snow Shelter

Flint & Infernape

Moves: Fire Punch, Fire Blast, Dire Hit, We’re on Fire!
Sync Move: Burn-It-All Overheat
Passive Skill: Power Reserves 2

Thorton & Bronzong

Moves: Gyro Ball, Analysis Complete, Zen Headbutt, Telekinesis
Sync Move: Post-analysis Flash Cannon
Passive Skill: Aggravation 1

Cheryl & Blissey

Moves: Hyper Voice, All Out of Patience, X Sp. Attack All, Flamethrower
Sync Move: Blissful Echo Hyper Voice
Passive Skill: Healing Hand 2

Marley & Arcanine

Moves: Flame Wheel, We’re Standing Strong, X Speed All, Flamethrower
Sync Move: Grateful Friend Flare Blitz
Passive Skill: Haste

Rosa & Snivy

Moves: Energy Ball, Time to Energize, X Sp. Attack All, Giga Drain
Sync Move: Grass Sync Beam
Passive Skill: Stalwart

Clay & Palpitoad

Moves: Mud Shot, Bulldoze, X Sp. Def, It Ain’t Over!
Sync Move: Ground Sync Impact
Passive Skill: Antitoxin

Skyla & Swanna

Moves: Gust, Take Flight, Potion, Aerial Ace
Sync Move: High-Flying Sky Attack
Passive Skill: Haste

Brycen & Cryogonal

Moves: Ice Beam, Stone-Cold Endurance, Ancient Power, Haze
Sync Move: Lights, Camera, Ice Shard
Passive Skills: Snow Shelter, Healing Hail 1

Iris & Haxorus

Moves: Dragon Claw, Outrage, X Attack, You’re Going Down!
Sync Move: Dragon Sage outrage
Passive Skill: Power Reserves 2

Roxie & Whirlipede

Moves: Poison Tail, Poison Jab, X Attack, Time to Rock
Sync Move: Poison Sync Impact
Passive Skill: Hit and Run 2

Marlon & Carracosta

Moves: Aqua Tail, Rouch Seas Ahead, X Defense All, Rock Tomb
Sync Move: Oversplash Aqua Tail
Passive Skill: Unbending

Shauntal & Chandelure

Moves: Hex, Shadow Ball, X Special Attack, A Tale of Triumph!
Sync Move: Dark Tales of the Shadow Ball
Passive Skills: Unhindered, Power Reserves 2

Marshal & Conkeldurr

Moves: Rock Smash, Drain Punch, X Attack, It’s All Down to This!
Sync Move: Way-of-the-Warrior Focus Punch
Passive Skill: Gritty 5

Grant & Amaura

Moves: Rock Tomb, Rock Slide, X Sp. defense, Over the Wall
Sync Move: Rock Sync Impact
Passive Skills: Snow Shelter, Sand Shelter, Aggravation 1

Korrina & Lucario

Moves: Vacuum Wave, Close Combat, Dire Hit, Skate on Through!
Sync Move: Give It All Ya Got Power-up Punch
Passive Skill: Unflappable

Ramos & Weepinbell

Moves: Bullet Seed, Sleep Powder, X Speed, Not too Late to Bloom!
Sync Move: Grass Sync Impact
Passive Skill: Defense Crush 2

Wulfric & Avalugg

Moves: Ice Fang, Avalanche, X Attack, Outstanding!
Sync Move: Unstoppable Avalanche
Passive Skill: Clearhead

Siebold & Clawitzer

Moves: Water Pulse, Aura Sphere, X Special Attack, The Definition of Art
Sync Move: Water Pulse Du Jour
Passive Skill: Critical Focus 1

(We’re still working to upload all characters and their info. Check back soon!)

This would be the epic list of Pokemon Masters Sync Pairs (Trainers and Pokemon) available in the game. If you spot an error in our article, please let us know by commenting below.

Also, if you want to check out more articles about Pokemon Masters, don’t forget to take a look at our beginner’s guide, as well as the reroll guide if you’re looking to improve your chances of getting a better pair to start with.

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Pokemon Masters Sync Pairs List: Trainers & Pokemon


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