If you want to make sure that you’re off to a better start than others in Pokemon Masters, you might be considering a reroll. This basically means using a single Sync Pair Scout over and over again until you get a solid Trainer/Pokemon pair out of there.

In today’s article, we are going to tell you how to reroll in Pokemon Masters, but also answer the more important question: is it worth going through all the trouble for the reroll?

We’ll take things one at a time and start with the difficult part: our reroll guide.

As you can imagine, this is not something that game developers particularly enjoy and as a result, most new games make it very difficult (or time consuming) for players to get this reroll chance.

In our case, it’s time consuming as each reroll will actually take around 15 minutes to get to.

And before getting to the actual guide on how to do it, it’s worth noting that right now all players will get from the first Sync Pair Scout (offered for free during the tutorial) Whitney. So you can only reroll for pairs that you get afterwards.

Here is how to reroll in Pokemon Masters, if you are not happy with the characters you’re getting:

1. After downloading and installing the game, set your name and go through the tutorial.

2. After completing the tutorial, draw Whitney and proceed to download the additional game data to actually get into the game itself.

3. Collect all the rewards that you can and get 300 gems ASAP.

This is the most difficult step of them all, as it requires you to go through the game and complete the in-game story up to chapter 2. This is the most time consuming part, but you can set the whole thing on auto battle in order to focus on something else in the mean time.

IMPORTANT: At the moment of writing this article, the game has just launched and there are a ton of launch day rewards that you can claim, giving you 1,390 Gems instantly. This means that you can do 4 Sync Pair Scouts as soon as you finish the tutorial, and this makes it easier to reroll.

So if you really want to reroll, now it’s easier than ever: take advantage of that offer and you might get lucky, like I did:

4. Go to the Store and choose a single “Sync Pair Scout”. The results here will vary from player to player. The more tries you have, the better.

5. If you are not satisfied with the Pair you have received, tap the Poryphone icon in the lower right corner and select Account. From there, tap the Delete Save Data option and start over:

You will have to go through all the steps above (except for reinstalling the game) in order to get another chance at a better pair. Rinse and repeat until you are happy.

IMPORTANT: Linking your Nintendo account will reward you with 600 Gems, claimable through the Missions tab. I don’t remember exactly when the missions are unlocked and I am too far away into the game to start it over.

But if you have them early on, you can link your account for that important reward which basically gives you 2 tries for free and could speed up things a lot!

Is it worth trying to reroll in Pokemon Masters?

I am usually against all rerolls, because I consider that they ruin the fun of the game. Also, I’m always eager to actually start playing and wasting so much time trying to force a better pick doesn’t make sense in my case.

But I know that some people have nothing against rerolling and actually love doing it for the extra power they get from a solid draw.

But chances are that you will have a pretty tough time getting that solid draw, as the odds are not really in your favor. Here are the chances listed by the developers when it comes to potential drops from your Sync Pair Scout:

– 70% chance for a 3 star
– 23% chance for a 4 star
– 7% chance for a 5 star

In other words, you could roll 93 times before getting your first 5-star character, which can really drive you crazy. Most likely, this won’t happen, but expect to need at least 10 rerolls before standing a chance at a 5 star.

This means that it will literally take hours before you will actually get something good… and in my opinion, that is really not worth the trouble.

Even though 5-star Sync Pairs will definitely give you an advantage on the long term, the game itself is made in such a way that even with lower quality Pokemon and Trainers you can still easily progress through the stages and remain competitive.

And you might be better off setting up a solid strategy instead of rerolling. So if you need help with that, don’t hesitate to check our guide out.

Things do change a bit in two of the following situations:

1. If you’re reading now as there is the Launch Event going, you’re getting 1,390 Gems for free after completing the tutorial. This speeds up the entire reroll process, making it easier for you to get that 5-star.

2. If the 600 Gems you get from linking your Nintendo account are offered soon after completing the tutorial, you are also getting an additional 2 free picks. But I haven’t tested this – if somebody wants to do it, please share the results so that everybody knows if it can be done or not.

So if you consider that it’s actually worth the trouble of going through the time-consuming reroll process in Pokemon Masters, you know now how to do it.

And just out of curiosity: is this something that you’re planning to do? And if you did this, how many tries did it take before you got your 5 stars?

In my case, through natural progression I ended up in the first 2-3 hours of play time with 6 rolls (from 1,800 free Gems earned by playing the game with Launch bonuses included) and the highest Sync Pair I got was a 4-star.

On a second device that my wife played on, she got her 5-star on her first Sync Pair Scout performed after the tutorial (getting the Phoebe / Dusclops pair seen above).

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  1. I pulled 20 units after 4-5 days of playing, at chapter 9 and got only 4 stars units, not even a 5 stars one.
    I wanna re roll but i don’t want to waste all the time i spent farming and taking my 4 stars units to level 85. i really don’t know what to do T_T

  2. LOL I was one of the beta testers, but I barely played it at all. I forgot about the game entirely until about 4 days ago. Apparently there was a bug report and various other bonuses so, I ended up with well over 7500 gems to start. I promptly used the sync pair x10 twice and grabbed both Olivia and Blue. I did a few single rolls and got Lyra as well. Since I got Blue and Olivia so early, they basically break the game and allow me free wins near constantly. I then got 2 Level-2 Manuals, used them on Blue and Olivia and they jumped up to level 29 instantly. Blue is now level 31 and hasn’t left my main team in ages since his Air Cutter is busted. Olivia’s Rock Throw/X ATK combo is pretty nasty too. I’m gonna continue to save for another sync x10 and try for Hilbert next.


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