Pokemon Duel has just been released worldwide, after spending about one year as a Japan-only game. Everybody is trying to catch ’em all right now and we’ve already shared some general tips and tricks for playing the game. But there’s one thing that helps you get through the game a lot faster: Gems. And in this article, I’ll share with you all the details on how to get more Gems in Pokemon Duel.

Gems are the premium currency in Pokemon Duel and they can be used in multiple ways, but the best use in my opinion is to buy new packs from the store. They can help you tremendously when it comes to progressing through the game. Therefore, knowing all the methods you can use to get your hands on a few free ones is important.


So let’s not waste any time and let’s find out below how to get more Gems in Pokemon Duel!

1. Log in Daily

I am not 100% sure that this is a permanent thing or just a special event marking the game’s launch, but right now if you log in Daily, you will receive all sorts of nice rewards, including free Gems (and a lot of them too!). So make sure that you log in every day, even if you are not able to actually play the game when you do.

2. Complete the Daily Missions

The daily missions are extremely important when it comes to getting nice amounts of free Gems in the Game, so make sure you complete these on a daily basis. Even more, after completing 10 missions, you unlock a few Special Missions that you have 24 hours to complete – and they hold even more rewards for you! So my advice is, as I said in the tips and tricks article, to always play to complete the daily missions!

3. Complete the Training

Training missions don’t seem very attractive for most players, but they are useful as you will get a few Gems for mastering them all. Each training mission has some requirements and if you manage to complete these requirements, you will get free Gems as a reward.

4. Complete the Quests

The same goes for Quests as it goes for the Training missions. However, with Quests you not only receive Gem rewards for completing the requirements of each quest, but you also get a box drop at the end of the game and you could find some Gems inside (unconfirmed yet, but I am sure that’s the case).

5. Look out for Special Events

The developers will surely host a ton of Special Events in Pokemon Duel, so make sure that you keep an eye out for them! Special Events will have great rewards for active players and you will surely win some free Gems as well. The only way to know if any special events are running is by tapping the I button in the main menu and reading through the news.

6. Buy them!

Buying Gems is a method of getting a quick fill and sometimes you will have some nice offers on the table as well. So always look in the store for special offers and take advantage of them first. If none is available, know that you will always get more Gems for spending more on a pack. So instead of Spending 99 cents on the cheapest gem pack each week for example, which only gives you 12, it’s best to spend $4 once per month and you will get 57 gems (so you get 9 free Gems). The more you spend on a pack, the more free Gems you get compared to the base price of the cheapest pack.

Right now, these are the methods that we know of for getting more Gems in Pokemon Duel. Did you manage to find other ways of acquiring Gems in the game? Let us know by sharing your comments with us.



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