Pokemon Duel has just been launched on the App Store and Google Play store and, as expected, everybody is really happy to play the new strategy game from The Pokemon Company. We have already shared with you a bunch of tips for playing the game, but now it’s time to focus on something even more important: how to get more Pokemon in Pokemon Duel?

Although you can only play six Pokemon in your deck – and the numbers seems extremely low judging from the number of actual Pokemon in the game, you still want to collect them all in order to be able to select the best of the best in order to win all your battles.

Fortunately, there are a lot of ways to get more Pokemon fast in Pokemon Duel, most of them not requiring you to spend real life money, so let’s talk about them now! Read on for Touch Tap Play’s Pokemon Duel guide on how to get more Pokemon in the game!

1. Open free Boosters
The Boosters are the nice little boxes that you get from playing the game and winning battles and they require a specific time for you to be allowed to open them. But they hold at least one Pokemon inside (more if the box you got is rarer), so you should always be working on unlocking one.

2. Open Play Boosters
Play boosters are also an extremely important method for increasing your collection of Pokemon in Pokemon Duel as they usually give you more than one Pokemon. Getting a Play Booster can be done by playing and winning matches. For winning a battle you get 3 points and for losing, you get 1 point. You need 10 points to be allowed to open the Play Booster.

A good strategy if all that you care about is getting more Pokemon is to play and quickly lose 4 battles in a row as you can only get a maximum of 4 points from losing battles in the game. Then, start playing for real: it will be easier for you to win as your ratings drop when you lose and you will get opponents that are easier to beat.

3. Play the Quests
One method that most people ignore is playing the Quests. They reward you with 2 Pokemon boxes usually, containing great rewards and new Pokemon for your collection. You will have to play and replay the Quest battles in order to get the rewards, but you’re playing against the AI and it’s usually easy to beat them.

4. Get them from the shop
If you are in a hurry and you don’t want to wait to get your free Pokemon, you can always purchase some for real life money. Go to the Shop in the game and purchase one of the available packs and you have a ton of options there. Even more, you will also get Materials when making purchases and you can use those in the store also to CHOOSE a Pokemon you want (if you have the money for them). A pretty nice method to get your hands on almost any Pokemon in the game!

So these would be the main ways for getting more Pokemon in Pokemon Duel. There will, most likely, be all sorts of in-game events and special offers that can unlock even more characters for your collection. And at 140 at the moment of writing this, you need all the possible known methods to catch them all and make them yours!


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