Pocket Mortys, adult swim’s Pokemon-style game based on the popular Rick and Morty challenges us to capture or collect 82 Mortys, evolve them and battle them for supremacy (and a Portal Gun). There are some really interesting elements that come into play, with some Mortys being better than the others, and I am here to share with you not only the complete list of Pocket Mortys characters that you can collect, but also a guide to evolving them and how evolution work in the game, as well as a few tips and tricks for your Mortys, how to collect them all quickly and how to get the most out of them and, overall, the game.

Have in mind that it will get more and more difficult for you to collect the rarer Mortys, while some will take an eternity to even find in the game, but that’s the whole point of the game. The good thing is that, once you get back your Portal Gun, things will get easier as you will be allowed to create a portal in a new dimension whenever you want to – making the search for new Mortys a lot easier.


Before we get to check out the complete list of Mortys in Pocket Mortys (all characters), you should know how evolution works: combining two Mortys of the same type gives you a new Morty that’s rarer and of a higher level. In other words, combining 2 Scruffy Mortys will give you not another Scruffy Morty, but one Unkempt Morty. Combining two of those will give you a Hobo Morty (each better than the previous ones). Pretty interesting!

Now these being said, let’s check out the complete list of Pocket Mortys characters and how they evolve:

1. Morty – the starting Morty. No Element, No evolution

2. Scruffy Morty – Rock Element. Evolves to Unkempt Morty. Evolves to Hobo Morty.

3. Old Morty – Paper Element. Evolves to Geriatric Morty. Evolves to Ancient Morty.

4. Rabbit Morty – Scissors Element. Evolves into Evil Rabbit Morty.

5. No Eye Morty – Paper Element. Evolves to One Eye Morty. Evolves to Three Eyes Morty

6. Test X1 Morty – Paper Element. Evolves to Test X47 Morty. Evolves to Test X72 Morty.

7. Self Defense Morty – Rock Element. Evolves to Karate Morty. Evolves to No Mercy Morty

8. Mustache Morty – Scissors Element. Evolves to Beard Morty. Evolves to Hipster Morty.

9. Ad Space Morty – Paper Element. Evolves to Jerry’s Game Morty. Evolves to Pocket Mortys Morty.

10. Blue Shirt Morty – Paper Element. Evolves into Red Shirt Morty. Evolves into Green Shirt Morty. Evolves into Purple Shirt Morty. Evolves into Rainbow Shirt Morty.

11. Exo-Alpha Morty – Scissors. Evloves to Exo-Omega Morty. Evolves to Exo-Prime Morty.

12. Spoon Morty – Rock Element. Evolves to Fork Morty. Evolves to Spork Morty.

13. Peace Morty – Paper Element. Evolves to Hippie Morty. Evolves to Off The Grid Morty.

14. Big Head Morty – Rock Element. Evolves to Giant Head Morty. Evolves to Colossal Head Morty.

15. Spooky Morty – Paper Element. Evolves to Ghostly Morty. Evolves to Phantom Morty.

16. Double Morty – Scissors. Evolves to Triple Morty. Evolves to Multi Morty.

17. Greaser Morty – Rock. Evolves to Biker Morty

18. Stray Cat Morty – Scissors. Evolves to Two Cat Morty. Evolves to Crazy Cat Morty.

19. Buff Morty – Rock. Evolves to Wrestler Morty.

20. Veiny Morty – Scissors. Evolves to No Skin Morty. Evolves to Skeleton Morty.

21. Magic Morty – Rock. Evolves to Mystic Morty. Evolves to Wizard Morty.

22. Telepathic Morty – Scissors. Evolves to Telekinetic Morty. Evolves to Psychokinetic Morty.

23. Swimmer Morty – Rock. Evolves to Mermaid Morty. Evolves to Reverse Mermaid Morty.

24. Business Morty – Paper. No evolution

25. Gaseous Morty – Rock. No evolution.

26. Sausage Morty – Scissors. No evolution.

27. Shadow Morty – Scissors. No evolution.

28. Aqua Morty – Paper. No evolution.

29. Cyclops Morty – Scissors. No evolution.

30. Mini Morty – Rock. NO evolution.

31. Cowboy Morty – Paper. No Evolution

32. Hammerhead Morty – Rock. NO evolution.

33. Guard Morty – Scissors. No evolution.

34. Cronenberg Morty – No Element, no evolution.

35. Mascot Morty – Paper. No evolution.

36. Egg Morty – Rock. Evolves into The One True Morty.

37. Robot Morty – Scissor Type (thanks to our readers!)

Tips for collecting all Mortys in the game

– Get all the characters that you can find as soon as possible. Make sure you always have a couple Morty Manipulator Chips on you at all times, in case you meet a Morty you haven’t captured yet.

– Capture doubles and start early on to go for them. It not only helps to unlock rarer characters, but you will also get better chances to win all your duels, because sending a hobo Morty in battle is certainly better than sending a Scruffy one!

– Apparently, some Mortys can only be gained by using coupons at the Blips and Chitz. You will get some free coupons as you play the game, but you can always buy more for real money. All Coupons will give you a Morty.

– Once you max out an evolution chain (Scruffy – Unkempt – Hobo), stop collecting those Morys as you no longer need them. Focus on others and things will get a lot easier once you get the Portal Gun. When you do, simply enter a new dimension and avoid fights as much as possible. All you should care about is finding Mortys you haven’t found already – if they’re not there, use the Portal Gun, get back to the Citadel, then use the portal for another dimension as well. Rinse and repeat and eventually – but not too soon – you will get all the Mortys in the game.

Did you manage to find any tricks or shortcuts for collecting the rarer Mortys in the game? Let us know by commenting below!



  1. How utterly awesome is Rick and Morty? In only 20 episodes (so far), it has become legendary. This game makes you realise just how much the show has packed in so many iconic characters, songs and catchphrases. The show itself, far exceeds the sum of its parts, which is scientifically impossible. Then again, Rick has a knack for achieving the impossible, especially with science.

  2. Surprised I haven’t seen this solution yet. Super easy and FAST way to level up the egg morty to get the one true morty (or any other weaker Morty):

    When battling the council of ricks ( around the third rick) after defeating a morty and it asks you to switch, swap in the egg morty. This will give you time to make the first move. Use a mr Meeseeks box (by now you should have a 2 or 3) and your egg morty will get the experience and will level up extremely fast. Be sure to use this trick on higher level mortys so you will get max EXP

    • I discovered the Mr Meeseeks solution myself and it’s the easiest solution for leveling the egg. 10 Meeseeks boxes took my egg from level 7 to level 18. Accumulating 10 boxes was a combination of drops and buying 40 tokens.

      Actually, this is literally the very first time I have spent money on a so-called “free” game. Freemium games employ manipulative marketing and I believe it’s a highly unethical business practice. This should give an idea of how much I love Rick and Morty, especially if they lured me happily into parting with my ca$h.

      Shame we can’t craft the Meeseeks boxes ourselves. If I had a proper Meeseeks box, I could open it and ask a Mr Meeseeks to show me how to craft one. lol

  3. The best way to level up Egg Morty is to wait and use it during your battles with Council Members. You get the most AP when battling a Council Member. So if you start the match with your Egg Morty and use a Meekseeks Box. Your Egg Morty will gain multiple levels from one Meekseeks Box. I went from a level 5 to a level 16 in one match.

  4. You’ve forgotten Hot morty > flaming morty, cold morty > Frozen morty, tired morty > asleep morty, flu morty > mutant flu morty.. Those are just a few, Ive encountered and I didnt see listed.

  5. I had a giant head morty (final evolution) from my first B&C coupon and noticed that, when leveling he became MUCH stronger than final evolutions of less trained morties. For example: the stats of my level 15 Giant head Morty were comparable to the stats of my lvl 27 psychokinetic morty.

    This led me to some things I’m still wondering:
    1) Do morties gain exp faster when they are not evolved (I think it does seem like that)
    2) what is the best strategy for evolving morties as in: what is the influence of the levels of your base morties on the level your final morty gets.
    3) are the stats of trained morties higher?
    4) if so, if you combine a trained morty and an untrained one, will the final morty be stronger than if you would’ve combined 2 untrained ones?

    This is important because it decides if you would train your not evolved morties to a certain strength (which goes quick) and then evolve them when facing a boss battle or immediately evolve them to have level advantage (+ how to optimize that level advantage).

    Also, a tip for training your egg morty: send him in first, then switch for a morty with lower or equal level of the opponent (don’t exceed his level more than 2). The amount of exp received is vast and will level up your egg morty much much faster (until you’re at a level where you have enough megaseeds to finish the job)

  6. Um i think this list is a little outdated and so are some of the other pages. There are now a lot of Mortys I have or have seen that aren’t on this list. E.g Renegade Morty, pizza Morty, Double snooze Morty, goo Morty etc.


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