One of the most important items in the recently launched Pocket Mortys by adult swim is the Morty Manipulator Chip – this is the item that allows you to collect more Mortys that can be used in battle, combined to get better Mortys and progress through the game. You get a free Morty Manipulator Chip at the start of the game, but then no clue how to get more. Fortunately, it’s really easy to actually get more and I am here to share with you all the methods (yay! there’s more than one!) to get more Morty Manipulator Chips in Pocket Mortys.

Before we get there, if you’re just starting to play the game, make sure you check out our Pocket Mortys tips and tricks aimed at beginners – you might find some valuable information there. And now keep on reading to find out how to get more Morty Manipulator Chips in the game.


There are two methods to get them, both simple in concept but somewhat difficult to achieve: buying the chips and crafting them.

How to buy more Manipulator Chips? Simply go to Salesman Rick’s – either by visiting its shop in The Citadel (the main area) or by tapping the menu icon in the upper right corner and selecting it from there. The chip costs 500 Schmeckles (the in-game currency) and you need to have collected at least two badges and defeated one of the Council members in order to get the item in the store.

The second way to get more chips is by crafting them in any crafting station (there’s one right below Salesman Rick’s in the main area – or you can find them while walking around). In order to craft one, you need Supercharged battery, Circuit Board and Tin Can. The Supercharged battery is also a craftable item, made from Battery + Turbulent Juice Tube.

How to flawlessly use the Morty Manipulator Chip

Once you get the chip, you can use it to get more Mortys in your collection. However, it’s not very simple if you don’t know a simple rule: you need to battle a feral Morty (when in another Dimension) and once their health drops in the RED zone, you can safely use the chip and be 100% sure you can capture them. It might also work if their health is in the yellow area, but in that case, there are chances it will fail and since it’s not the cheapest item in the game, it’s best not to waste it.

If for some reason you fail to use the chip, while still in battle exit the game then restart it. You will be placed in front of the Feral Morty again, with your chip back in the inventory and you can try again. This is a bug that might be fixed eventually, so better not risk it!

Now you know everything about the Morty Manipulator Chips in the game, so it’s time to get to work and collect all the characters out there!



  1. Actually, I believe you get the chip after getting 6 badges and defeating the second Council Rick. Last night I beat the first one, but didn’t get the chips. Luckily after the first rick you get a bitz and chips ticket for a free Morty.


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