Relatively early in Pocket Mortys, after you collect around 8 Badges and defeat the first two Council Members, you will get a quest that will reward you with an Egg Morty. I am sure that after you get it, you are pretty much intrigued because this is clearly not a regular Morty in the game – not only that it is a pink egg, but the description also says that it contains some sort of life force inside. Pretty interesting, right? Then read on to find out everything about the Pocket Mortys Egg Morty in our guide!

How to get the Egg Morty?

As I said before, you will get a request from an in-game character as soon as you are at about 8 medals in-game and cleared 2 Council members. The numbers might not be set in stone, but that’s when I got mine. So ALWAYS accept the deals that the in-game characters propose!


How to use the Egg Morty?

Just having it does nothing as it is pretty much useless. What you need to do? Level it up!

Yes, you have to work a lot to level up your Egg Morty: when it reaches level 20, it morphs into the True Morty (The One True Morty in-game character), which can’t be obtained otherwise. But how do you level up a character that has no attack value and virtually no defense?

Well, there are actually two ways of doing it and you won’t find any faster than the other. Here’s what you can do:

1. The easy (but looong) way: get your Egg Morty into battles! Have the Egg Morty the first to attack, use its skill and then switch with a Morty that will defeat the character. Rinse and repeat and you will get bits of experience for each Morty you defeat. Just make sure that you actually allow the Morty Egg to spend one turn in battle, otherwise it will get no experience.

2. The difficult way: Use the Level Up Mega Seed. Each seed you will use will give your Egg Morty one level, so it’s wise to keep those for the higher levels of the character, when the tiny bits of experience you gain from leeching off opponents don’t matter too much. You can check out our recipes list here in order to see what you need in order to craft the level up mega seed (and all the recipes in the game, of course).

There is a ton of work you’ll have to do to level up your Egg Morty and get the One True Morty, but if you really are a true collector, I am sure you’ll do this and love every moment of it. I mean… who doesn’t want to have the OTM?



  1. Another way it to save your mr meeseeks boxes and during the third council battle use the egg while using the boxes. Got to level 12 this way

    • This tip should be added to the article as a third way to raise your egg Morty. I had 5 meseek boxes that I used on the 3rd councilor and it took my egg from level 5 to almost entirely through level 14 in 5 easy battles. Great tip!

  2. Use lower level mortys to defeat the other mortys after switching from egg morty to gain more experience. The higher your mortys level, the less experience he will get for fighting the same enemy as a lower level morty would. The egg mortys experience is directly based off of how much experience the morty who defeated the enemy gets, not its own level.

  3. I actually forgot about this quest until my mortys were all around level 30 then i got the quest and the easiest way is to just start with egg morty then switch to another morty to kill the enemy morty. You dont need to use his effect he just needs to start in the battle. Do it for every single enemy morty when it asks if you want to swtich, switch to egg morty then do it over and over again. Once he is evolved what you should try to do is get the enemy morty to very low health then switch to The One True Morty because if The One True Morty is level 20 and kills a level 35 morty theres a level and a half of xp right there.

    • How do you start with the egg? It says I can’t remove the original Morty from my deck. How can I rearrange it so the egg takes the first position?

      • You have to switch them on your deck in your little hand held thingy. you cant remove your original Morty but you can switch him around Positions.

  4. Well I got the egg last night and was so curious to get the egg hatches and when it reached level 20 I was confused so I did some research on it and I forgot to give a level seed thing but now I got ” The One True ” and he is so cool!

  5. So what I’m getting is, the fastest way to level the egg without items would be to start the round with it out, immediately switch to a stronger Morty and then debuff/weaken oppentent enough to have your weakest Morty last hit it (either using switch, the weak on will get punched twice, or letting ‘crippler’ die.)? … my real Morty is way underleveled….

  6. When you use harden 15 times with egg morty, he is actually able to use squirm which is a damaging attack. Have another morty lower enemy health to the red, and have your egg morty finish them off for great experience.
    Easy to do with a wild scissors type morty.

  7. Wait until you start seeing implode Mortys with trainers regularly. Swap him in to die. 1700 experience a pop.Halzingers are cheaper than seeds.

  8. Or the easy way, whenever you fight a sun, moon or blackhole morty use the egg, they will implode killing the egg but giving experience to just the egg.It works best with higher level enemies, about 30~40 will level it up three or four times the first four or five times. Works best during trainer battles, but still works well against loners.

  9. The problem is that you need Egg Morty *and* The One True Morty in order to have *all* mortys. So how do you get a *second* egg?

  10. I had some sort of glitch I think because I wound up having 2 OTM’s, one being one level higher than the other, when I morphed the egg. Has anyone else experienced the same thing??

  11. I completed the quest after I had defeated the third council member, so I guess i’ll have to implode some Mortys Biiiiiitch

  12. What will happen if i put my egg morty in bootcamp and take it out at 19 and then give it a mega seed. Has anyone tried this?

    • You have to be at least level 10 to go to boot camp and the egg starts at like 5, so unless you level it up through battles, you can’t put eggo in bootcamp.

  13. i did the quest but i got no egg. but it’s in my log as if I encountered it?what do I do now? I didn’t release this a glitch..

  14. I saw an article that said the egg Morty will not hatch if you level him up via level up seeds, boot camp, defeating a character with the Mr. Meeseeks box or gaining xp by defeating an enemy with poison… is this true?


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