Rad Rodgers is a fun classic platform game that’s been released on PC a while back. After releasing on PS4 and Xbox One, the game has now hit Nintendo Switch as Rad Rodgers Radical Edition.

Rad Rodgers Radical Edition introduces a lot of new content to the game such as local co-op, new characters, versus multiplayer mode and more. The game can be purchased for Nintendo Switch for the price of 29.99€ or 29.99$.

You can see all of the game’s new features in action by checking out the brand new trailer below. 

Rad Rodgers Radical Edition starts Rad Rodgers and his living game console Dusty as they venture in the video game world to save it. Inspired by classic platform games of the early 90s, players will have to jump, shoot and find collectibles throughout a variety of colorful stages.

Rad Rodgers Radical Edition is now available on Nintendo Switch as well as on PC and other consoles.


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