Pokemon Sword And Shield

Pokemon Sword And Shield are in the hands of players all over the world, but it seems like something new may be coming to both games in the future.

Earlier this week, Nintendo confirmed that a new Direct focused on the Pokemon franchise will be aired on January 9th. No detail has been provided on the content, but it seems like more details on Pokemon Sword And Shield will be revealed during it, according to a German press release.

Plenty of unused content, such as unavailable Pokemon from previous generations, has been discovered in the game’s data, so there’s the chance that more content is going to be revealed during the Direct.

Pokemon Sword And Shield were among the most anticipated games of 2019, and fans were always on the look for new details in the weeks before release. Some managed to get early copies of the game and leak most of the details such as the total number of Pokemon and so on.

These leaks are considered by the Pokemon Company to be damaging and, as such, they have decided to go after the leakers back in November.

Pokemon Sword And Shield are now available on Nintendo Switch worldwide.


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