NES – Nintendo Switch Online

A new update has been released for NES – Nintendo Switch Online in all regions, introducing three new games as well as an announced new SP version of a previously released game.

As already revealed, the new NES – Nintendo Switch Online games for May are Clu Clu Land, Donkey Kong Jr. and VS. Excitebike.

The new SP version is the Star Soldier SP, which allows players to start on stage 8 with some nice power-ups.

Begin on Stage 8 of 16 with both the ability to shoot in five directions and a defensive shield. At the end of the stage, you will encounter the fearsome Big Starbrain. To defeat Big Starbrain, you must destroy all four of its power cells, and then aim for the core in its center!

The NES – Nintendo Switch Online games are available to all Nintendo Switch Online subscribers, allowing them to enjoy a selection of NES games such as the first three entries in the Super Mario Bros. series, the original Metroid, the first two entries in The Legend of Zelda series and much more.

NES – Nintendo Switch Online is available now for all Nintendo Switch Online subscribers.


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