Reigning Threes is my favorite game mode in My NBA 2K19. It is relatively fast to play, extremely challenging and fun and rewards you with a ton of draft picks once you get started. And today, I am here to share with you some Reigning Threes tips and tricks in My NBA 2K19 to make sure that you keep on winning and grab as many crowns as possible to bag in the rewards.

To start with, things seem pretty much obvious in terms of what you’re supposed to do, but you might need to invest some time and thought in order to actually end up the winner. All the tips and tricks in today’s guide will definitely help a lot – especially if you can’t get things moving in the right direction.

So let’s get this started and check out some My NBA 2K19 tips and tricks for winning Reigning Threes matches.

1. Choosing your Champions

This is clearly the most important part of the game. What do you want to do? Choose your best players for the final round, or chose some slightly worse players in order to make sure that you actually get to win the rounds before the Final?

This is indeed a tough choice and you should pick your absolute best players for the three areas you need covered. In other words, pic your best big guy (Center or Power Forward, ideally both), a good Wing (SF/SG) and a great ballhandler (PG usually, but SG works as well).

If your top 3 cards are, for some reason, three centers, don’t pick them as your champions! Only get the best in the areas mentioned above, as you will need those bonuses for the position in the end!

2. Charging your champions

During the four rounds before the final, you will match up three of your players against three players from your opponent’s team. You will play two offense and two defense rounds and the more you win, the better.

Grab those wins to charge your players!

Winning as many match-ups as possible is vital, because this charges your Champions’ skills. They start with energy depleted and charge up based on the number of wins you get. In order to fully charge your last three players, you need to win all rounds (a total of 12 victories), which is highly unlikely to happen. But get as many as possible!

Things are a lot easier when playing defense rounds because you actually get to see the cards chosen by your opponent. Even though you can’t see their stats and which stat is actually in play, you can use your general knowledge to make the best choices in order to increase your chances at winning the maximum number of match-ups.

In other words, taking the basic cards as an example, if you see that your opponent is playing two uncommon and one rare card and you have two rares and one uncommon to use, if you want to risk nothing and guarantee 2 wins out of 3, you should play the rares against the uncommons.

Of course, you can decide to risk and play your best rare against their rare and hope for the best – it’s up for you to decide, but playing the defense usually makes things a lot easier.

3. Boost your cards!

You get additional stat boosts when playing the Reigning Threes in My NBA 2K19 from three potential sources: first, from playing a booster card of your own (always keep one for the final!), then from matching the card with the position required and third from the shape bonus/affinity under each position.

Try to mix and match these as well in order to maximize your stat boosts and increase your chances at winning each round.

4. Keep your deck updated

This is something that you should consider more when you’ve just started to play and less useful later on. But always make sure that you have the absolute best players in your Reigning Threes deck.

This means that you should always autofill it after unlocking a new set of cards and level up your top cards constantly (and evenly) in order to have a nice set of strong players.

With a bit of strategy, you can win easily!

Keep the deck strength as close to the maximum as possible (the meter as close to the right as possible) and never go into a match with it closer to the left side of the meter. You can easily control this by manually replacing a stronger card (or more) with some slightly weaker ones. But remember that you always want to be as strong as possible for your tier!

These are the things that you should keep in mind when playing the Reigning Threes game mode in My NBA 2K19. Following these tips and tricks will help you win more matches and bag in not only a ton of crowns as a reward, but also get the maximum number of draft picks in order to improve your game.

And if you’re looking for more advice on how to get better at My NBA 2K19, you can check out our general tips and tricks guide, as well as the guide on how to unlock rarer players faster.


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