You can’t have a top team in the recently launched My NBA 2K19 without some of the rarest cards available in the game. And we’re going to focus on helping you get those in today’s article by sharing a guide on how to get ultra rare, epic and Elite cards faster in My NBA 2K19.

Even though “faster” doesn’t mean “as fast as I want to,” it still helps to have these tips and tricks in mind and do everything that you can in order to get the rarest cards in the game.

So let’s not waste any time and let’s check out, instead, our guide to getting My NBA 2K19 ultra rare, epic and elite cards to build your super-team.

Get the ladder rewards
The Quick Game might not be the best game mode to play, as we’ve already discussed in our My NBA 2K19 tips and tricks article, but you can score some top cards there if you are active enough.

The Ladder Rewards start giving you top players starting from 200 games played (when you get 500 credits that can be turned into players) and afterwards from 500 games played, when you receive a player based on your current rarity. By that point, you will most likely be at least at Ultra Rare, so you will get amazing players simply for playing a lot of Quick Games.

The 2-on-2 ladder rewards work in a similar way: raise your deck strength tier to gain access to higher rewards. You need to win a lot of games here, but I think it’s a bit easier than in Quick Games.

Go up the tiers ASAP
The faster you climb up those tiers, the faster you’ll start earning very rare cards. Your Tier is decided by the strength of your deck, and the higher it is, the higher you will go. The higher the Tier, the better the card rewards that you get from your draft picks.

And even though you are not guaranteed to get an Elite Plus card, for example, even when you are at the Elite Plus tier, your chances of scoring a rarer card will go up as the Tier you’re in gets higher.

The Reigning Threes
If you’re extremely active in this Tier and win a lot – even with a very low Tier deck, you can still score some amazing rewards. Of course, this requires a ton of dedication, but it’s doable: if you manage to accumulate 6,000 crowns in this game mode, you can get a Gold Pack that will reward you with two players of great rarity.

Log in daily
This year, My NBA 2K19 rewards you for logging in daily and you can eventually get free card packs, which in turn will give you a chance at scoring an Elite Plus or other rare players. Although there are no guarantees here, you will still get some rare players simply for logging in each day of the month – so make sure to do so even if you can’t play.

Complete the daily missions
Another very easy way to get some very rare cards: complete the missions the game throws at you on a daily basis and win tickets for doing so. You will get a minimum of 4 Tickets each day for completing all missions and you can buy the rarest Card pack from the Ticket store for 150 tickets.

This will reward you with a random card of very high rarity (up to Elite) and you can normally unlock one per month if you are active and complete the missions daily.

Buy the card packs
Even though not cheap, the card packs guarantee the rarest cards in the game. You can spend real life money to unlock those or wait quite a bit until you have enough credits to afford one.

For example, for 1,250 credits you can get the Epic Pack which guarantees a player of at least Epic tier, while the next pack that sells for 2,000 guarantees an Epic Prime card.

Look out for special events
Every now and then, there will be special events taking place in My NBA 2K19. Although it’s difficult to anticipate what kind of rewards there will be for performing well in each event, you will surely be rewarded greatly and most likely you’ll have a chance at scoring very rare players too.

Unlike most of the previous My NBA 2K games, it is a lot easier to score the rarest card in this game, as long as you are very active and a dedicated player.

These would be all the things that you should know about getting the rarest cards available in My NBA 2K19. Do you have other tips and tricks that you use to increase your elite card numbers? Let us know by commenting below!


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