Murder in The Alps: Deadly Snowstorm Chapter 1 Walkthrough


The adventure story game Murder in the Alps is an interactive crime novel where players must find hidden objects to discover answers to the mystery. The story is based in the 1930s, in the French Alps, with intriguing characters. The game is only available to play on IOS. If you are stuck during the first chapter, check out the guide below for the Murder in The Alps: Deadly Snowstorm chapter 1 walkthrough.

All Hidden Objects in Chapter 1: Murder in the Alps Deadly Snowstorm

Each chapter has around 10 sections, each with scenes containing hidden objects. Find all the objects and collectibles. The collectibles are optional but can award you with extra time.


The collectibles are all listed below in alphabetical order. Refer back to this list when you are working your way through the chapter walkthrough. They are time limited so you must find them as you explore each room.

  • 1/2 Batzen – on the right edge of the kitchen table
  • 1/2 Rigsmont – under Ulla’s purse with her business card
  • 1 Krone – on the dresser in Claudia’s room, next to some roses
  • 2 Mark – under the room number sign on the 2nd floor
  • 3 Centesimi – in an open drawer, past the body
  • 5 Mark – in the jewellery box on the bookcase in Anna’s room
  • 20 Lev – next to a jug that is on the left of the room, sat on a crate
  • 20 Mark – in the broken vase on the floor of the cellar
  • 20 Pfennige – on the desk, next to the lamp
  • 50 Cent – on the carpet next to a briefcase outside room 9
  • Adam Kinsky Business Card – in the hooks as you enter the room
  • Anna Myers Business Card – in the jewellery box on the bookcase
  • Claudia Perret Business Card – in the open nightstand on the left
  • Charles Clark Business Card – in the pile of book on the desk near the window
  • Christian Petersen Business Card – on the coffee table near a book
  • Deutches Reich Stamp – in a wooden box on the desk
  • French Colony Stamp – in a pile of papers on a low shelf of the coffee table
  • German Reich Stamp – in the first mail box at reception
  • German Reichspost Stamp – on top of a barrel with nuts and bolts
  • Giovanni Rossi Business Card – at the coffee table by a couch
  • German Zeppelin Stamp – in Christian’s room, under a sticker on his suitcase
  • Hanz Lenz Business Card – under the cigarettes on top of the boxes
  • Italian Express Stamp – in the mail box outside the hotel
  • Max Hartmann Business Card – on a pile of papers on the desk in room 2
  • Otto Reger Business Card – at reception in with the flyers on the left
  • Red Mercury Stamp – in a wooden box on a bookshelf in the room with the fireplace
  • Remember Always Stamp – on the table next to a bowl
  • Swiss Stamp – in a picture frame to the right of the dining room
  • Ulla Lund Business Card – under Ulla’s purse with the coin
  • United States Stamp – on the coffee table near the couch
  • Walter McCain Business Card – in a vest pocket, hanging on the left of the room

Hidden Objects Walkthrough

There are 28 investigations to this chapter. As Anna, you will arrive at the hotel where the owner, Otto greets you and invites you inside. From there you will go to the Dining Hall, to the right of the hotel foyer. Collectibles: 2 Mark, German Reich Stamp, Italian Express Stamp, Otto Reger Business Card, Swiss Stamp.

Next join Otto in the room with the fireplace next to the Dining Hall where he will ask for you help at Reception. Collectibles: Red Mercury Stamp. Then the first investigation begins when you activate the shimmering area:

Investigation 1 (via Murder in the Alps)
  • Cake – left corner of the desk by the green chair
  • Butterfly – on the small box by the musical instrument
  • Dragonfly – to the left of the pumpkin
  • Key – on the green chair, at the edge of the seat
  • Drawing Tool – right arm of the green chair
  • Elephant – in the painting above the desk
  • Horse – on the desk
  • Knife – on the desk
  • Ring – in the purse on the green chair
  • Lock – in the right drawer of the desk
  • Lighter – in the left cupboard of the desk
  • Scorpion – in the large box on the desk

Once you have found all the objects, give the key to Otto by dragging it from the inventory to Otto’s hand. He will ask you to find a hat and umbrella for other guests. The hat is near the mailbox outside, and the umbrella is by the gate to the left of the road as if you are about to leave.

Head to the Fireplace Room next and play a game of Solitare (we do not recommend skipping it as that costs energy and it is simple to play). Go to the Dining Room to begin the next investigation:

Investigation 2 (via Murder in the Alps)
  • Snake – on the dresser, left of the dresser
  • Heart – on the second drawer down
  • Medallion – hanging off a vase on the trolley
  • Knot – on the floor under the dresser
  • Elephant – on the dresser, to the left
  • Tree Cone – on a book by the squirrel, top left
  • Statuette – to the centre of the trolley top
  • Pipe – in the top drawer of the dresser
  • Insect – in with the grapes on the dresser
  • Pen – in the safe (code 5391)
  • Album – red book on the shelf (illuminate with the torch on the trolley)
  • Cufflink 1 – in the safe
  • Cufflink 2 – in the small red box on the right of the dresser

Go to room 5 to begin a new day, and new section ‘Breakfast with the Guests’. Collectibles: 5 Mark Coin, Anna Myers Business Card. This section requires you to open all 4 drawers. Drawer 1 – open with the key on top of the drawers; Drawer 2 – open with the oil can on the left; Drawer 3 – open after Drawer 4 using the key inside; Drawer 4 – open as normal using the handle on front, it contains a key to Drawer 3.

Investigation 3 (via Murder in the Alps)
  • Hat – Drawer 4
  • Brooch – Drawer 4
  • Ring 1 – Drawer 1
  • Ring 2 – Drawer 1
  • Ring 3 – Drawer 1
  • Ring 4 – Drawer 2
  • Ring 5 – Drawer 2
  • Ring 6 – Drawer 2
  • Ring 7 – Drawer 3
  • Ring 8 – Drawer 4
  • Ring 9 – Drawer 4
  • Ring 10 – Drawer 4
  • Belt – Drawer 3
  • Knife – Drawer 3
  • Fan – Drawer 3
  • Gloves – Drawer 2
  • Lipstick – Drawer 2
  • Perfume – Drawer 2
  • Medal – Drawer 3
  • Watch – Drawer 1
  • Whistle – Drawer 3

Place the hat on your (Anna’s) reflection while looking in the mirror and head down for breakfast. Collectibles: 1/2 Batzen, 50 Cent Coin. Head to the Dining Hall to meet other guests, noticing that one is missing. Go to the second floor to seek him out. Knock on theRoom 10 door, then head back down to the first floor when there is no answer. This will begin the next investigation at the Reception Desk.

Investigation 4 (via Murder in the Alps)
  • Pipe – on the green chair seat
  • Feather – on the arm of the green chair
  • Whistle – on the arm of the chair by the red feather
  • Rabbit – in the painting
  • Ball of Wool – blue wool on the desk
  • Cigarettes – under the desk
  • Origami – hiding in the plant by the desk
  • Comb – on the stool by the pumpkin
  • Star – on the back of the chair
  • Metal Nut – in the drawer of the desk
  • Pencil – in a purse on the chair
  • Camera – in the backpack on the chair

Head to the kitchen to look for a knife and to start the next investigation:

Investigation 5 (via Murder in the Alps)
  • Whisk – hanging with the pans in the top right corner
  • Knife – reflected in the mirror on the right
  • Kettle – also reflected in the mirror on the right
  • Dried Fish – hanging under the sausages near the pumpkin
  • Lemon – on top of the bag of potatoes, bottom left
  • Cider Glass – on the small stool under the barrel on the floor
  • Cheese – inside the wooden bread bin that sits on a crate
  • Ladle – in the metal container, bottom right
  • Cuckoo – inside the clock lying on the second shelf on the left
  • Coin – move the green scale under the window to find it hidden behind
  • Coffee – also found behind the green scale, in the wooden coffee grinder
  • Number 3 – found by placing two weights (1, 2) on the scale to make it say ‘3’

Now you have the knife, head to the second floor to see Walter. Follow them into room 10. A body is found and you are sent to Reception to call the police. Collectibles: Adam Kinsky’s Business Card, German Reich Stamp.

At Reception, click the phone on the shelf to discover it does not work. Otto will say it needs to be rewired. Rewire the phone but do not cross the wires. The call will fail and you will have to go to town. You discover an abandoned car on the road, and will need to open the door to get a picture. Head back to the Hotel to the Reception.

At the Reception, put the Photo Album on the Reception Desk near Otto and put the picture you took of the car inside. Rearrange a torn photo. This will trigger the progression to the next day. People are worried about Dr. Max Hartmann, so his room is the next investigation:

Investigation 6 (via Murder in the Alps)
  • Tie – inside the cabinet on the left
  • Hook – top left of the cabinet with the tiny bottles
  • XIV – by the mask, left of the cabinet
  • Africa – on the globe
  • Knife – in the painting
  • Hat – on the white bird atop the cabinet
  • Poppy – in the glass case on top of the cabinet
  • Monocle – also in the glass case
  • Skull – bottom left of the cabinet
  • Syringe – left on top of the cabinet, in a silver case
  • Acorn – between the white bird’s feet
  • Pyramid – inside the cabinet, right side. Open it by getting the handle from inside the globe. The globe can be opened by using the gold lighter on the cabinet to melt the candle to release the key.

You will next be called upstairs to Ulla Lind’s room where there is another dead body. Collectibles: 1/2 Rigsmont Skilling, Ulla Lind’s Business Card. Open the closet door to begin the next investigation:

Investigation 7 (via Murder in the Alps)
  • Sword – in the hands of the male figurine left of the open case
  • Mushroom – inside the case, bottom left
  • Dog – bottom of the middle section of the case
  • Bow – on the inside of the open case lid
  • Cat – top of the middle section of the case
  • Elephant – middle section of the case
  • Ballerina – top of the right section of the open case
  • Bell – hanging out of the case, bottom right
  • Lighter – inside the little drawer at the front of the case
  • Diamond – open the locket that hangs out of the left of the case
  • Matryoshika – put the Russian Doll back together. One piece is outside the case to the right, the other is inside the case, top left
  • Hippo – a round white piece can be put into the carousel to make it turn and reveal the hippo

Return to room 2 to find Dr. Hartmann, speak to him then return to the Fireplace Room. Next you will need a magnifying glass. There is one in the kitchen. Take a box of Baking Soda from under the sink- this will be useful later- and open the pantry door to begin the next investigation:

Investigation 8 (via Murder in the Alps)
  • Oven Gloves/Mittens – top right, hanging under frying pans
  • Spatula – hanging with the frying pans
  • Thyme – purple flowers drying in the top right
  • Water – take the lid from the bottom right metal container
  • Magnifying Glass – centre of the top left shelf
  • Soap – bottom left shelf
  • Bun – inside the wooden bread bin on the right
  • Curry – near the green scale on the top center shelf, place weights on to reveal
  • Tea Infuser – also near green scale
  • Flour – in the bag, on the second central shelf, on the right
  • Number 9 – on the clock face, central shelf, on the left
  • Tin Opener – find it when you look at the clock face

Now you have the magnifying glass, go back to room 7. Inspect the body using the magnifying glass. Next, use the Baking Soda on the liquid on the floor. Head on over to room 10 now to check Adam Kinskey’s neck with the magnifying glass. The next investigation involves checking through his luggage which will need to be unlocked: Left, Up, Left, Down, Downwards Diagonal Right, Up, Left, Up, Left. Once unlocked, the investigation will begin:

Investigation 9 (via Murder in the Alps)
  • Straight Razor – a red razor hanging top left of the case
  • Handkerchief – a blue hankie hanging on the top left on the case
  • Soap – small bar of white soap, sat by a duck on the bottom left
  • Voodoo Doll – move the sheet covering the right side of case
  • Skull – under the moved sheet, right hand side of the case, in the tiny blue ring drawer on the top
  • Coin – tucked behind the drawer of rings
  • Morse Code – move the red dial on the radio
  • Turtle – in the top drawer on the right
  • Camel 1 – by the bottle on the left
  • Camel 2 – top left of the ring drawer
  • Water Lily – use the magnifying glass on the picture sat on the stool
  • Horn – same as Water Lily
  • Shell – hanging from a necklace under the red razor

Head to the Dining Hall and speak to the rest of the people, who will need alcohol. Search the cart in the Dining Hall, this will be the next investigation:

Investigation 10 (via Murder in the Alps)
  • Knife – silver knife near the silver jug on the drinks trolley
  • Spear – in the open drawer
  • Alcohol – small brown bottle lying on the floor
  • Amber – lying in the grapes on the dresser
  • Leaf – by the pomegranate on the dresser
  • Lollipop – on the lower part of the drinks trolley
  • Omega – to the rear of the dresser top on a vase
  • Thimble – in the top drawer of the dresser
  • Star – on the top drawer front
  • Watch – inside the open safe on the right
  • Dice – inside the open safe
  • Cup – on top of the dresser

Head back to the table to pour the alcohol on the tablet, then use the lighter and the coin. Solve the puzzle of the flaming tiles: Left, Up, Right, Down, Left, Left, Up, Right, Right, Down, Left, Left, Up, Up, Right, Down, Left, Down, Right, Up, Right, Down, Left, Left, Up, Up.

Return to Anna’s Room to search for her scarf which is at the foot of her bed. Under it is another puzzle, This one is a crossword. Solve it for the message: MEET ME AT THE BACKYARD AT ELEVEN DOCTOR. Search Anna’s dresser again for the next investigation:

Investigation 11 (via Murder in the Alps)
  • Notebook – drawer 4
  • Spoon – drawer 4
  • Ticket – drawer 4
  • Shoehorn – drawer 3
  • Thermometer – drawer 3
  • Omega – drawer 3
  • Cookie – drawer 3
  • Bird – drawer 2
  • Rose – drawer 1
  • Flashlight – drawer 1
  • Calendar – drawer 1
  • Bug – drawer 1

Head on outside with the flashlight, following the freshly cleared trail into the backyard. Go to the Cellar. Hang the flashlight and find a light switch. A man with a gun will tell you to go to the next room. Collectibles: 20 Lev Coin, German Reichspost Stamp.

Enter the Cellar, the light switch is on the left but needs rewiring by moving the wire to the screw. Close the cover and flip the switch. Collectibles: 3 Centesimi, 20 Mark Coin. Hand over the cigarettes found earlier, and continue to the next room. Collectibles: Hanz Lenz’s Business Card. The next investigation begins:

Investigation 12 (via Murder in the Alps)
  • Awl – middle of the top shelf
  • Pipe – middle of the center shelf
  • Jack Plane – in a small box under the shelves
  • Medicine – in amongst the jars on the second shelf
  • Clock Face – bottom shelf to the left
  • Domino – top shelf by the books
  • Ladle – on the floor by the wooden crate
  • Cross – top shelf, on the very right hand side
  • Horseshoe – hanging above the key on the left of the shelves
  • Lock – use the key on the padlock on the wooden box
  • Screwdriver – inside the wooden box when it is unlocked and opened
  • Banknote – smash open the piggy bank on the bottom shelf

Leave the cellar and go back to the hotel Dining Hall, then head to Reception for the guest list and next investigation:

Investigation 13 (via Murder in the Alps)
  • Skull – left arm of the chair
  • Gloves – right arm of the chair
  • Scissors – seat of the chair
  • Bell – silver bell on the desk
  • Dog – on the desk door
  • Taurus – in the painting
  • Clock – on the instrument on the floor
  • Doll – its legs are poking out of a bag on the chair seat
  • Bear – a puzzle inside the wooden box on the desk forms a bear
  • Guest List – inside the wooden box
  • Glasses – in the backpack on the chair
  • Pliers – in the desk drawer

Take the guest list back to the Dining Hall. Return outside to the backyard and lcear the snow using the broom provided to begin the next investigation:

Investigation 14 (via Murder in the Alps)
  • Compass – near the violin
  • Knife – on the wooden barrel
  • Wheel – very small, poking out of the snow by the brown boot to the left
  • Cup – white cup to the bottom right, in the snow
  • Triangle – red triangle near the back
  • Poppies – seed heads under the red triangle
  • Rock – to the left of the poppy seed heads
  • Bullet Casings x 3 – to the top, bottom, and right of the wooden crate in the snow
  • Chain – near the Rock, use the pickaxe
  • Eagle – in a cup to the left of the wooden crate
  • Glasses – in a red case covered in snow, above the wooden crate
  • Matches – under the Rock

Take the Bullet Casings to Otto, much chat will ensue until there are screams heard and you will have to go to room 4. Collectibles: 1 Krone, Claudia Perret’s Business Card. Investigation 15 will begin in Claudia’s room:

Investigation 15 (via Murder in the Alps)
  • Skull – tiny pirate skull to the left
  • Pendant – purple pendant hanging off the cabinet
  • Medicine Chest – small wooden chest to the rear of the cabinet
  • Signature – scrawled on the map
  • Snake – silver snake on the book in the center of the cabinet top
  • Cross – on a piece of yellow paper, by the silver bird
  • Italy – on the map
  • Bandage – by the bird, fastened by a blue tape
  • Dropper – with red pipette, on top of the map
  • Belt – use the key on the map to open the left cabinet door, the belt is inside
  • Octopus – turn the bottle sat on the left of the cabinet
  • Heart – turn the lamp on that sits by the clock, the heart is reflected on the book

Put the Medicine Chest on the ottoman and open it. Tidy it up and put the syringe from your inventory in the right place. Return to the Reception and help Otto weigh the bullet casings. Head back outside to just outside the Cellar for the next investigation Use the crow bar to open the wooden crate:

Investigation 16 (via Murder in the Alps)
  • Iron – to the right in the snow
  • Knight – from a chess set, by the teddy
  • Five – small red number 5 on the wooden barrel
  • Ball – in the snow near the violin
  • Bottle – in the frozen ice coming out of the drain
  • Wrench – in the wooden crate
  • Water – there is a contraption sitting above the wooden crate. Turn the red button. Fill it with gasoline using the funnel above, and the red container on the right. Light it with the lighter in the wooden crate. Melt the ice coming from the drain pipe.
  • Pocket Mirror – in the blue purse
  • King – chess piece in the wooden crate
  • Watch – in the blue purse
  • Bishop – chess piece in wooden crate
  • Picture – tucked in the teddy bear’s sweater

Head on into the cellar to search for more clues in the next investigation:

Investigation 17 (via Murder in the Alps)
  • Brush – left of the lower shelf
  • Axe – below the wooden crate on the left
  • Ruler – below the wooden box in the middle
  • Medal – center shelf to the right
  • Shovel – central of the lower shelf
  • Light Bulb – lower shelf on the right
  • Metal Nut – in the wooden box in the middle
  • Gloves – top shelf on the left
  • Watering Can – bottom right
  • Chisel – in the wooden chest
  • Tea – cut open the bag hanging to the left of the shelves with the knife on the sheeting
  • Gear – on the broken mechanical device on the lower shelf

A trap will be triggered when you find the gloves. The door mechanism will need fixing by connecting the gears and spinning the turnkey. Head back into the snow to see fresh footprints – another clue! And then get ready to begin a new day.

Leave the room and head to the Dining Hall for breakfast. Go on up to room 6. Collectibles: Christian Petersen’s Business Card, German Zeppelin Stamp. The next investigation begins in Adam Kinskey’s room:

Investigation 18 (via Murder in the Alps)
  • Gun – top of the blue case
  • Pipe – to the left of the case
  • Fishing Lure – hanging off the brown bag inside the case
  • Zeppelin – toy lying against purple fabric
  • Cow – figurine inside blue case
  • Compass – lying open inside the left of the case
  • Medusa – a ring in the top drawer of the case
  • Frog – another ring
  • Goblet – bottom drawer of the blue case
  • Crown – find with the magnifying glass on the stool
  • Lion – same as the crown
  • Yin Yang – same as above

Go back to room 7 and see something has changed, compare photos to see what is going on. There are five differences: Pillow, Bottle, Vase, Coin Purse, Clock Face. Place the clock face from your inventory onto the clock. Head outside in the Backyard, hear screams from the mountains. Go through the small gate on the right to see another body. Return to the backyard to start a new investigation:

Investigation 19 (via Murder in the Alps)
  • Binoculars – to the right, by a snow shoe
  • Rope – hanging from a wooden barrel
  • Can – to the left of the open crate
  • Hat – on the teddy bear
  • Umbrella – cocktail umbrella on top of a wooden crate
  • Key – hanging on the back wall
  • Paper Crane – in the blue purse
  • Broken Record – in the snow near the blue purse
  • Rook – chess piece above the open crate
  • Lipstick – in the blue purse
  • Bowl – use the blow torch (the device from last time we were here) to melt the ice and reveal the bowl

Go back to the Dining Hall to talk to the rest of the guests. It is decided no one should be left alone. Head to the Cellar with Claudia to investigate further:

Investigation 20 (via Murder in the Alps)
  • Shell – lying atop the sheeting
  • Violin – an image of a violin drawn on a bit of paper on the floor
  • Wheel – to the left of the shelving
  • Comb – on top of the suitcase
  • Squirrel – on the middle shelf
  • Horseshoe – on the lower shelf
  • Passport – to the right side of the middle shelf
  • Stamp – middle of the lower shelf
  • Thread – in one of the drawers on the floor
  • Dividers – inside the wooden crate
  • Nails 1/2/3 – 1 in the wooden crate, 1 to the right of the middle shelf, and 1 beside the red suitcase on the floor
  • Glasses – clean the picture on the lower shelf with the rag beside it and reveal the image of a man wearing glasses

Return to the hotel and enter room 9, then onto room 1. Collectibles: 20 Pfennige Coin, Walter McCain’s Business Card. Enter room 8 upstairs. Collectibles: Charles Clark’s Business Card, Giovanni Rossi’s Business Card, United States Stamp. The next investigation begins in Giovanni’s room:

Investigation 21 (Murder in the Alps)
  • Guitar – in the drawer
  • Bird – an image on the front
  • Berry – inside the bottom right section
  • Opera Glasses – inside the top right section
  • Dice – in the drawer
  • Record Pieces – in the drawer
  • Metronome – in the main section, top right
  • Scissors – in the main section, top middle
  • Ticket – in the drawer
  • Brush – in the main section, central
  • Shot – main section, bottom right
  • Button – main section, top left

Put the record pieces together with the broken record from earlier, on the record player. Time to revisit the cellar for another investigation:

Investigation 22 (via Murder in the Alps)
  • Beer Opener – middle of the low shelf
  • Card x3 – Playing cards: 1 left of the wooden box, 1 on the floor to the right of the box, and 1 on the suitcase
  • Cigar – left of the second shelf
  • Corkscrew – left of the top shelf
  • Letter H – middle of top shelf
  • Funnel – wooden drawer on floor
  • Doll – left of low shelf
  • Letter A – on tiny block atop suitcase
  • Funnel – middle of middle shelf
  • Bow Tie – red bow tie on left of top shelf
  • Pencil – inside wooden box
  • Button – under broken piggy bank

Return to the Dining Hall to give Giovanni his Bow Tie. Go to Room 8 to search for more clues in an investigation:

Investigation 23 (via Murder in the Alps)
  • Sea Shell – bottom left of main section
  • Gun Case – bottom right section
  • Sea Horse – bottom right of main section
  • Moustache Comb – in the drawer
  • Treble Clef – top right of main section
  • Handkerchief – poking out of the waistcoat pocket
  • Scarf – hanging around the waistcoat
  • Violin – in the drawer
  • Rose – in the pipe, lower shelf main section
  • Plane – in the drawer
  • Ring – in the drawer
  • Pen – in the drawer

Place the gun in the case and see it is a match. Next, Dr. Hartmann’s room needs checking again. head to room 2 for the next investigation:

Investigation 24 (via Murder in the Alps)
  • Knot – top left shelf of the cabinet
  • Amber – on the top, in the mini cabinet of bottles
  • Wine – behind the open door on the right
  • Mask – beside the cabinet on the left
  • Whistle – top right shelf in cabinet
  • Soother – by the globe
  • Lock – on the top on the right
  • Ashtray – top left shelf in cabinet
  • Arrow – on top of cabinet, in the center
  • Shoe – black shoe, to the left of the cabinet
  • Tweezers – in a silver tin on the left of the cabinet top
  • Kangaroo – behind the globe

The shoe now needs comparing with the prints found outside in the backyard. Drop the shoe on the path and compare the marks. Head back to the Dining Hall to talk to guests. In the morning you are confronted with more screams, and another dead body.

The cabin now needs checking but you need an axe to enter so it is time to head to the kitchen for an investigation to find what you need. Otto says you will also need a key to get to the back room. Get the key from Reception but use gloves- it is covered in something strange. The investigation begins in the kitchen:

Investigation 25 (via Murder in the Alps)
  • Apple – an image on the cider barrel
  • Copper Pan – hanging on a top shelf
  • Pear – in an open box on the floor
  • Carrot – top right shelf
  • Spoon – bottom central shelf
  • Oil – bottom left shelf
  • Horse – on the clock face
  • King – beside the clock
  • Hourglass – move the mirror to see the reflection
  • Seeds – get the knife from behind the copper pan, cut open the pumpkin
  • Axe – behind the pumpkin
  • Coin – by the green scale

Take the axe, leave the hotel and turn to the left. Open the gate by taking the pin and using the lever. The cabin is straight ahead, but snow will block your way. Get your shovel from the backyard near the gate to the mountain, head back to the cabin to dig a path. Use the axe to get in the door to the cabin. Illuminate the room by using the tool on the box to move the slats from the window and to start the next investigation:

Investigation 26 (via Murder in the Alps)
  • Use the tool in the bottom drawer to break the lock.
  • Skull – on the table to the right
  • Eagle – beside the broom
  • Flower – on the table cloth
  • Head – in a picture frame on the right
  • Block and Tackle – atop the mess on the left
  • Shoe – bottom drawer
  • Stripes – inside, top left
  • Telescope – inside, left
  • South America – on the map
  • Bullet – inside, on the right, hidden on the second shelf
  • Blade – next to the bullet
  • Star – open a hatch in the floor by the table, the star is on a vase

Now a ladder needs fixing, so drag wood near the window to the ladder and use the nails from the table with the hammer. When the ladder is fixed, go to the attic. Collectibles: Remember Always Nothing German Stamp.

Find the telescope stand in the attic, put it on a tripod and use a nearby rag to clean it. Use the telescope, adjusting using the red adjuster to focus. Put the mirror upon a book near the telescope, open and close the mirror a couple of times. Head back to the hotel to meet Otto in the Dining Hall before heading to room 4, Claudia’s room, to check again for the next investigation:

Investigation 27 (via Murder in the Alps)
  • Omega – on the red book spine
  • Scissors – bottom left
  • Compass Rose – on the map
  • Zeus – on the red book
  • Postcard – near the vase, center
  • Anubis – by the map
  • Wyss – books, lower left
  • Zollinger – books, lower left
  • Pearl – in the eye of the bird
  • Simmler – books, lower left
  • Keller – books, lower left

Head back to room 2 to Dr. Hartmann’s room for the final investigation of this chapter:

Investigation 28 (via Murder in the Alps)
  • Letter – to the left, beside the open box
  • Handkerchief – top left, inside of the cabinet
  • Apple – on top of the cabinet, back left
  • Perfume – on the right, on top of the cabinet
  • Speaking Tube – in the glass case
  • Abacus – bottom left, inside the cabinet
  • Wallet – bottom right, inside the cabinet
  • Iron – top right, inside the cabinet
  • Pencils x 3 – on top of the cabinet on the left, in the glass case, and on the small bottle cabinet at the back right
  • Cross – on the corner of the cabinet wood, left
  • Ear – in the glass case
  • Flags – on the lid of a paint tube, top right shelf in the cabinet

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Return to the Dining Hall with the letter. The fire goes out so you need to get a log from the right of the fireplace, and toss it on the fire in the Fireplace Room. Pass the letter to Father Lenz, and then the postcard to Claudia. Just as the reveal is happening there will be a phonecall. Go to Reception to answer the phone and find out the call is for Claudia.

Back at the dining Hall, you expose the killer , and the police will arrive to arrest the murderer. When the night is over, you go outside to leave and end the chapter!

That is the end of this Chapter 1 walkthrough for Murder in the Alps. Next up, why not check out some more games you may enjoy if you like the mystery of this one!

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