Best Games Like Merge Mansion

Enjoying Merge Mansion? Need to play another game just like it? Let us help find you your next mobile gaming obsession!

Merge Mansion is a popular item-merging game with an intriguing storyline. It is a hit with mobile gamers who enjoy playing matching, clearing, or decorating games while following mysterious plots. With these elements in mind, we have scoured the app stores for some of the best games we can find that you would like if you loved Merge Mansion. Check out the list below and see if we have chosen your next obsession!

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10 Games Like Merge Mansion

This list will cover a variety of games that we think mobile gamers will enjoy if they have enjoyed playing Merge Mansion. From free-to-play matching games to styling and design, and everything in between, we think there is something on this list for everyone.

10. Best Intriguing Storyline – Gardenscapes

Image via Playrix

Gardenscapes combines a story full of twists and turns with match-3 puzzles and decorating a huge garden to discover the secrets hidden within. Just like Merge Mansion, this is a game of mysterious and humorous characters and a story that will keep you coming back over and over again. If you like it, you’re in for another treat—its sister game Homescapes that also features Austin the Butler, this time in his quest to restore his childhood home to its previous glory!

Download for free on iOS and Android.

9. Best Merging and Collecting – Merge Dragons

Merge Dragons
Image via Zynga

In Merge Mansion you merge items to help clean spaces while in Merge Dragons you match and merge items and eggs to create amazing objects and dragons. Help heal the land by completing matches and tapping into the Life Essence. Keep the magic alive by breeding and collecting new dragons for your world. The game has over 900 different quests, hidden levels, and puzzles with more than 180 levels to keep you invested for days!

Download for free on iOS and Android.

8. Best for Designing – Merge Design: Home Makeover

Merge Design Home Makeover
Image via Stonemobile Kft

If you enjoy the way a living space transforms as you make your way through Merge Mansion, you’ll love Merge Design: Home Makeover. This game gives you the opportunity to create beautiful and chic new spaces by merging items into tools and designer furniture! You can play around in different types of spaces—from farms and cramped studios to huge mansions and luxurious villas. Surrounded by beautiful visuals, you will follow an enjoyable storyline and work your way towards becoming the interior designer extraordinaire!

Download for free on iOS and Android.

7. Best for Matching – EverMerge: Merge 3 Puzzle

Image via Big Fish Games

This game is a great alternative to Merge Mansion because new objects await around every corner. In EverMerge, the game’s sandbox style offers numerous opportunities for combining items and unlocking different creatures and characters while building bigger and bigger castles—all of that to help clear out the cursed fog that plagues these magical lands. And different daily quests and timed events will make sure you never run out of things to do.

Download for free on iOS and Android.

6. Most Excitement – Seaside Escape

Seaside Escape
Image via GameDots

Just like Merge Mansion, Seaside Escape is an exciting game to play on the go. Playing this merging and matching game is like being on holiday, but what’s a vacation without a little mystery? You will play as a failed actress who is coming back to the small island where she came from, and it’s your job to restore it and attract tourists. However, long-forgotten secrets and powerful enemies are waiting to be discovered as you merge away. This game will keep you glued to your phone, but it may also inspire you to start planning your summer vacation on some beautiful island drenched in sun.

Download Seaside Escape for free on iOS and Android.

5. Best for Cleaning – Big Home Cleanup Cleaning Game

Big Home Cleanup
Image via Rolling Panda Arts

If you love how clean the mansion and grounds look in Merge Mansion, you will love Big Home Cleanup Cleaning Game. While not a classical merge game, Big Home Cleanup features numerous puzzles to help players tidy up their home and a variety of other spaces, such as a zoo, movie theater, or museum! You need to use the right tool for the job or risk making an even worse mess. The game regularly brings new updates with interesting locations so you will never get bored.

Download for free on iOS and Android.

4. Best for Organizing – Fill The Fridge

Fill the Fridge
Image via Rollic Games

For players who love the tidy nature of a finished area in Merge Mansion, here is Fill the Fridge. This organizing game is as satisfying as it is addictive! Merging tricky puzzles of fitting every object into the required space with a satisfying ASMR experience, this is a mobile game to enjoy any time you need to take your mind off of the stress of everyday life.

Download for free on iOS and Android.

3. Best for Those With a Sweet Tooth – Merge Bakery

Merge Bakery
Image via Full Fat

Merge Bakery has cupcakes, cookies, waffles, pancakes, and many more desserts that you need to merge to help your little bakery flourish and attract more and more customers. Combining the fun of classic merging games with the entrepreneurship of various business simulators, this game will satisfy the business person and the dessert lover in you.

Download for free on iOS and Android.

2. Best Mystery – Criminal Case: Mysteries

Criminal Case: Mysteries
Image via Pretty Simple

If you love the mysterious storyline in Merge Mansion, you will enjoy the mysteries in this detective game. Criminal Case: Mysteries is a hidden-object detective game where you need to go back to the 19th century and solve the secret behind the murder of Mrs. Stanbury. From questioning witnesses to looking for clues with a sharp eye, this game has it all to keep you feeling like a Sherlock Holmes of mobile gaming.

Download for free on iOS or Android.

1. Best Premium Puzzle Game – Monument Valley

Monument Valley
Image via ustwo games

This recommendation is slightly left-field, but stick with us. If you love a good puzzle and a good-looking game, Monument Valley is perfect. Ok, so it may not be Merge Mansion’s twin, but it is still a great combination of challenging and relaxing. Explore the surreal surroundings and help Princess Ida travel through the mazes of surreal architecture. Costing $3.99, this enigmatic puzzler will be your go-to game for years to come.

Download it on iOS and Android.

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Those are the best games that have the feel of Merge Mansion, and you can play them on iOS and Android. There’s something for everyone, whether you like Merge Mansion’s puzzles, matching, or the captivating story. Still, if we failed to include your best Merge Mansion alternative on this list, let us know! Drop a comment below and tell us which is your favorite mobile game to play right now.

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