When a young sorceress named Elasaid is captured by unknown assailants, she stumbles upon a log of ancient forbidden text. Reading the text, she unwilling opens up a portal to the underworld known as The Seven Chambers. Sending the underworld into chaos, her only hope to set things right is to navigate The Seven Chambers to see the Rising of the Phoenix…

The Seven Chambers is a new hidden object adventure game by Three Headed Eagle and Cateia Games. As Elasaid, players will jump through several different scenes full of mini puzzles to complete.

All of the puzzles were left behind by the mystic ancients in order to awaken Elasaid’s dormant power: the power of the Azoth, an ability that grants her control over planets and constellations.

In order to tap into the power, players must help Elasaid as she travels through her sub-conscious to set cosmic history right. She will go through various events of her life and you must solve little problems here and there to see the full picture.

With highly detailed background and object art, a gripping storyline, and plenty of mind-bending puzzles, The Seven Chambers is shaping up to be quite the puzzle adventure game.

The Seven Chambers is available now on the App Store.


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