Motocross Meltdown Review (iOS)


Glu Games finally did it! They managed to create a game so brilliant and addictive that I found it extremely difficult to stop playing in order to write this review. I’m talking here about Motocross Meltdown, a driving game with a twist and high octane bikes.

When you first load it up, you are tempted to believe that you’re facing another NaturalMotion game (like their CSR Classics title) but it’s enough to play for a few minutes to see that Motocross Meltdown has a lot of personality and innovations to be considered a game of its own. A great game, I might add.

In Motocross Meltdown, you play as the driver who’s been out of competition for two years following a freak accident and you have to start at the bottom and climb your way up to the top of the Motocross world. With various competitions to complete, badass drivers to defeat and online PvP battles for ultimate tests of your skills, Motocross Meltdown offers everything you could want from such a game and a little bit extra.

And the extras are what made me love this game: instead of the classic “tap at the right time” gameplay mechanics that are still working and still providing excitement, Glu decided to introduce tricks into play. In some races, you have to tap the button at the right time to trigger a trick, then hold it and release at the right time to end the trick safely. Or you have to perform high jumps. Breathtaking and extremely exciting!

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And the good news doesn’t stop here. Motocross Meltdown looks so good that I am almost ready to say: “OK, we no longer need consoles to play our games on!” The game looks so good that I am a little bit sorry that I have to watch the skill button at all times and I can’t look more at the race itself and the tricks that my driver performs!

The game does suffer from the free iOS game disease, meaning that you are limited by energy and fuel tanks (one used for online play and the other for the single player missions) and the really great gear is available for premium currency only. But you can still progress slowly and have a ton of fun completely free of charge – I got pretty far into the game actually without spending a single cent on the game and I am really pleased with that.

All in all, Glu managed to create with Motocross Meltdown a groundbreaking, absolutely amazing and extremely good looking skill driving game. A must play! Let me repeat that: A MUST PLAY!

iTunes link: Motocross Meltdown

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Motocross Meltdown Review (iOS)


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