CSR Classics Cheats: Tips & Tricks to Win the Races


If you consider the graphics in CSR Classics, it’s enough to make you want to play the game and become the best at it, but actually the gameplay itself is pretty impressive and addictive. But you might struggle and be in need of some help: if that’s the case, I am here to help you with a bunch of CSR Classics cheats: a set of tips and tricks that will help you become the best driver and beat all those rivals!

So let’s get it started: push the pedal to the metal in CSR Classics with our cheats and tricks!

Get that Nitro Fast
The nitro can help you win a bunch of races just because it is there, so make sure you get that upgrade as soon as possible and keep it upgraded to the maximum that you can afford. Although you can’t win races if you only focus on Nitro, the boost offered by it in close races is the difference between losing and winning.

Improve your tires
Better grip means better starts of the race and that’s where you will probably lose most of the race time. The better the tires, the less wheelspin you get and the better the engine you can get for increased power. If you improve your engine without improving your tires, you will get more wheelspin and even though your car will go faster, those extra milliseconds that you’ll lose at the start of the race will cost you the win.

Get decals for top money
For each race that you win, the Decal will give you some extra money. So you should get the two striped decal as fast as possible, then wait to get to level 5 and spend no premium currency in the mean time. As soon as you get to level 5, purchase the first premium decal for 40 stars and you will get a bonus of 1,400 coins for each race that you win. In other words, a great deal.

How to make more coins fast?
After you get the premium decal for your car, simply race and win as many races as possible. Going for the easy regulation races with a full tank of gas will net you several easy thousand bucks that you can spend on upgrading and restoring your car and eventually beating the Crew Battle challenges and climbing up the ladder. And each time you will win a race, you will get that sweet 1,400 coins bonus!

How to get more stars
If you spent some stars on useless stuff instead of getting that amazing decal, it’s not all lost – you can get some free stars by connecting your Facebook account to the game and by leveling up. Just save 40 to make your ride a lot easier!

Master the start of the race
The idea when you start the race is to start it with the green light turned on. At first, I was still getting a wheelspin despite my race starting at the green light and I thought that I was doing something wrong – which was not the case. You will get a wheelspin even when you start perfectly, but that will be reduced. Upgrade the tires to reduce the wheelspin and while you get there, master the race start: learn how to tap the acceleration in order to get a perfect start.

Always go for races you are sure you can win
Lost races mean lost gas and close to no money won (you won’t get the decal bonus if you lose a race). So only go for races you are confident of winning. Do the easy regulation races until you upgrade your car a few times, climb on the ladder a bit and only when you are 100% confident, try to take on the bosses. The general rule of thumb is that if you lose a race, you will need at least three upgrades to win it. So work hard for the money and go for it!

Do the daily battles
Each day you will get three premium races with premium cars. Make sure you complete those – even though you might find it a bit difficult with the gear changing and stuff because you will not drive your own car, these are generally easy to win races and can score you some easy money.

So, in the end, it’s all about finding the best balance between earning money and upgrading your car. It’s a lengthy but fortunately fun process – hopefully easier now with our tips and tricks. If you have others to share for this amazing game, let us know by commenting below!

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CSR Classics Cheats: Tips & Tricks to Win the Races


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