Most Annoying Killers in Dead by Daylight

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Dead By Daylight pits Survivors against Killers in an asymmetrical online horror game. 4 Survivors must repair generators and escape before the Killer can hook each one and sacrifice them to The Entity. Every Killer has different abilities and they have a variety of strategies to use to stop Survivors from repairing generators, healing each other, looping around walls, and escaping through the exit gates at the end. Some Killers are more fun than other to go against, even if you die at the end, while others are just plain frustrating. Research into what players who mainly play Survivor think of each Killer has shown that the majority believe the following Killers are the most annoying to play against.

The Most Annoying Killers in Dead By Daylight

The following list is based on the personal opinions of long time players of Dead By Daylight, and mostly those who play mainly as Survivor. If you disagree, or have a Killer you would add to the list, please let us know in the comments below this article!

1. The Doctor

Dead by Daylight The Doctor Guide: How to Play The Doctor
The Doctor in Dead By Daylight (BHVR)

The Doctor has the power to drive players mad—literally. His Shock Therapy and Static Blast abilities create increasing levels of Madness. During the match, players will scream, showing their positions to The Doctor, and hindering them. It is so frustrating playing against Doctor, especially when you hit Madness III and have to take the time to Snap Out Of It before you can perform any other task such as unhooking, vaulting, or healing.

2. Legion

legion dead by daylight
Legion in Dead By Daylight (BHVR)

Legion are Frank, Susie, Joey, or Julie, a band of murderous young adults who have come to ruin your day. The Legion’s special ability is the Feral Frenzy where they sprint, stabbing each Survivor they come across and putting them into a Deep Wound status. This can be pretty irritating to Survivors who have to keep ‘Mending’ and then healing to regain full health. Any time they have to heal keeps Survivors from repairing generators! Legion may not be able to see scratch marks during this Feral Frenzy mode, but they do see where Survivors are within their Terror Radius with Killer Instinct, even in lockers—meaning with Legion there is really no where to hide!

3. The Hag

The Hag in Dead By Daylight (BHVR)

The Hag can place traps that act like proximity sensors, giving her the ability to transport to them when they are activated. These are particularly annoying when they are hidden in long grass where you cannot see them, or when placed by generators or hooked Survivors. Hag add-ons can render her silent, or can even increase the radius that activates the trap! Playing against Hag is terrible for anyone who is affected by jump scares too.

4. Bubba/Leatherface

Guide to Using Leatherface in Dead By Daylight
Leatherface – AKA Bubba in Dead By Daylight (BHVR)

This character has a reputation for attracting a certain type of player. Bubbas are seen as face-campers, meaning they have a rep for standing and staring at a hooked Survivor until they die on hook, which is pretty dull. The Bubba’s chainsaw means he is a one-hit Killer, as he revs and swings his weapon as he walks, downing any Survivor unlucky enough to be caught in his path. This is a really annoying Killer to go against because, even if you have Borrowed Time perk, as the length of time he is allowed to swing about with his devastating chainsaw means he can hit an injured Survivor twice as they try to escape the Basement.

5. Nemesis

Dead by Daylight Nemesis Guide: How to Play Nemesis
Nemesis in Dead By Daylight (BHVR)

This Resident Evil baddie is not really annoying on his own… It is his little zombie buddies we have to watch out for! Nemesis has zombies spawning at random hooks and then walking about the map looking for Survivors to lunge at. They can infect a healthy or injured Survivor, and even down an already-infected Survivor. You could just be vaulting your way through a window during a chase and a zombie is waiting for you. They also chase you away from generators unless you can stun them, or blind them temporarily. Nemesis is bad enough to deal with without having a gang of biters after you.

Those are the Dead By Daylight Killers found to be the most annoying to play against as a Survivor. Who is missing from this list? Let us know in the comments below!

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Most Annoying Killers in Dead by Daylight


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