Here is a detailed guide that will show you how to kill survivors as The Doctor in Dead by Daylight. Let’s start!

Dead by Daylight Doctor Guide

While controlling the Doctor, at the beginning of any match, activate the “Shock Therapy” mode. Thanks to this, if you move near the survivor, you will provoke him to involuntary shouting, thereby finding out where he or she is.

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When the victim is found, hit her or him several times with your stun stick. Three or four successful hits will be enough for the survivor to acquire the Madness III effect.

  • During the transition from one stage of Madness to another, the survivors scream.
  • The first stage after yelling leads to the appearance of reaction checks not in the center, as usual, but in any other part of the screen.
  • The second stage will cause hallucinations in the form of illusions, and you will be able to see auras and find out where the survivor is approximately.
  • At this stage, the survivors will constantly scream and you will know where they are. 

How to Play Against The Doctor

If the Doctor comes close to you, he will try to hit you with an electric shock stick. At such moments, you should try to sharply change the direction of your movement, making certain maneuvers to make it more difficult for the enemy to hit you.

Try to stay as far away from the killer as possible, as the Madness gradually increases during the chase.

If the Madness has reached the second level, then avoid staying in the same position for a long time. Remember that the Doctor himself sees the emerging hallucinations, which means he will know where you are approximately located. At this point, just go around the map in a circle.

During the third level Madness stage, your character will scream constantly. Try to run away from the Doctor as quickly as possible and hold down the LMB while standing still to recover.

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