Monument Valley

Late last year Monument Valley, the excellent puzzle game developed by Ustwo now available in all regions on the App Store, has received a brand new stage called Ida’s Dream. The stage, which brings an end to the game’s story, has been released as a paid stage for the Apps for (RED) campaign, an initiative which aimed to raise money to fight AIDS.

Starting tomorrow those who haven’t purchased the Ida’s Dream stage will be able to play it for free, as the team confirmed it will become available for free for everybody from June 25th. A visual update will also be included in the stage so even those who already played it before will be getting something new.

Monument Valley has also received a bigger update last year called Monument Valley: Forgotten Shores. In our review of the update, we have noted how the many additions included in this update make the game feel more like a sequel rather than a simple expansion. Forgotten Shores also feels longer than the main game thanks to the fact that there are no tutorial stages.

Monument Valley is now available on the App Store, with the Forgotten Shores update also being available for purchase right now as an IAP. The Ida’s Dream stage is currently available as IAP but it will be made available for free for everyone starting tomorrow.



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