Monster Hunter Rise

Monster Hunter Rise introduces many changes to the classic Monster Hunter formula. For the new entry in the series, Capcom has come up with some very interesting mechanics that do spice up the experience considerably, like Wyvern Riding, Wirebugs movement options, and the new Palamute companion.

This new canine companion is quite different from the Palico that has been introduced in the series a while back, bring an offensive companion that can make the difference during the most intense of hunts. So, what can the Palamute really do to help hunters? Let us find out.


The Palamute is a very reliable companion to have on the field, as it can make traveling long distances much faster, as it can be ridden at pretty much any time. In case you are a lone wolf, and prefer to hunt alone, you can bring two Palamutes with you to help you during both traversal and combat. If you feel this is overkill, you can bring a more balanced party of one Palamute and one Palico.

Combat Capabilities

The Palamutes, unlike the Palicoes, play a more active role during battle, focusing on attacking the monsters instead of providing buffs and debuffs like Palicoes. As the game has yet to release, we do not know how much you can make the Palamute a 100% offense-oriented companion with the right customization options.

Riding the Palamute

Palamute riding has a tons of benefits that can make a big difference. To ride a Palamute, all you need to do is press the A button to summon it to your side. Or, you can use the Action Bar and pick the “Let Me Ride” option.

While riding a Palamute, you can dash with the R button, jump with the ZR button and drift with the ZL button. You can also attack with the X button, consume food, drink potions, and sharpen weapons. These are all great things to do in preparation for a big fight. If you are tired of riding your canine companion, all you have to do dismount is press the B button.

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