MIR4 God Slaying Weapon Guide – Request Walkthrough

MIR4 God Slaying Weapon Guide - Request Walkthrough

MIR4 has a huge number of different quests, missions, and requests. They are all different, sometimes you need to find some special item, and sometimes you have to spend time collecting a certain amount, for example, flags. In this guide, we will tell you about a similar quest – God Slaying Weapon.

Demanding Request MIR4 Guide

At first, the God Slaying Weapon quest will not be available to you. To open it, you need to complete a Demanding Request. After you go to Bicheon Town and talk to Mount Tai Sect, you get this request. For the Demanding Request, you need to have PS 13.075. As a reward, you will receive a weapon, 9.680 Copper, and 5.480 experience points. Your goal is to collect 240 Broken Flags. To do this, open the map and choose the Bicheon Labyrinth. You need to visit the 2nd floor and fight the mobs there to collect the number of flags.

God Slaying Weapon in MIR4

After completing the Demanding Request, and now the God Slaying Weapon quest has become available to you. Go to Bicheon Castle again and talk to Jungwoong.

For this quest, you will receive a ring, 11.000 Copper, and 8.610 experience points. But the quest is also more dangerous than the previous one because the required Power Score is 14.648. Now you need to collect 240 Demon Blades. You again need to visit Bicheon Labyrinth and kill some monsters on the 3rd floor. To fulfill the conditions of the quest, you need to kill Nefariox Ska, because they drop the Demon Blades we need. If your character has good stats and equipment, you will have no problem completing this quest.

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MIR4 God Slaying Weapon Guide – Request Walkthrough


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