The world of Minecraft is equally wondrous as it is dangerous. Your gear alone may not be enough to face against the dangers of the night, so why not enchant it with magical properties to give you an edge? In today’s guide we’ll go over some of the best enchantments in Minecraft and how to get them!

How to get Enchantments

There are several ways of obtaining enchantments in Minecraft. The first and most obvious way is enchanting an item using the enchanting table, which requires somewhat rare materials, namely obsidian. The second way is to use enchanted books, which can be traded from villagers or fished up at random.

When using the enchanting table, be sure to surround it with at least 15 bookshelves that are one space away from the table itself to give it the maximum level of enchantments. The three enchantments shown are chosen randomly, and they will only cycle out if you enchant something. Quick tip: if you don’t like the selection, enchant a book and the enchantments will cycle. This way you don’t have to sacrifice a piece of gear or something.

When trading with villagers, your best bet is to find a random village and check to see if there are any librarians, as they’ll trade you enchanted books. If there are none, you can go ahead and give any jobless villager a lectern and they’ll turn into a librarian. Build them a little house if you wish and then put the lectern down nearby and the villager will eventually turn into a librarian.

Continue making trades with the librarian to level them up and increase the amount of books they hold. Sometimes librarians may hold books you don’t want, and if this happens simply remove the lectern and wait for the villager to become jobless again. Put the lectern down again and their stock will refresh.

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Best Armor Enchantments

Now we’ll list the best enchantments and where to get them from.

  • Protection – enchanting table or book
  • Mending – enchanted book only
  • Unbreaking – enchanting table or book

Protection reduces the amount of damage you take. Mending restores gear durability every time you pick up experience points. Unbreaking gives your gear a chance to not lose durability every time you use them.

Best Weapon Enchantments

  • Sharpness – enchanting table or book
  • Mending – enchanted book only
  • Unbreaking – enchanting table or book
  • Efficiency (Axe) – enchanting table or book
  • Infinity (Bow) – enchanting table or book
  • Power (Bow) – enchanting table or book
  • Quick Charge (Crossbow) – enchanting table or book

Sharpness makes your weapon deal increased damage, though Smite may be more helpful if you’re fighting primarily undead mobs. Efficiency increases the speed of tools, but if you’re using an axe as a weapon it helps with the recovery speed. It also increases the chance your axe will disable an enemy shield, useful in PvP or against raiders.

Infinity makes your bow consume no arrows as long as you have at least one in your inventory. Power increases the damage done by your arrows. Quick Charge speeds up the draw speed of crossbows.

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Best Tool Enchantments

  • Efficiency – enchanting table or book
  • Mending – enchanting book only
  • Unbreaking – enchanting table or book
  • Fortune – enchanting table or book

Fortune is a useful enchantment as it has a chance to multiply ore drops and also increase your chances of finding rarer materials.

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