Minecraft: How to get Mending Books


One of the most important enchantments in Minecraft is the “mending” enchantment. This enchantment allows your gear to automatically repair itself whenever you pick up experience orbs from slain mobs or mined ores. Mending is extremely useful and is a must-have for all serious Minecraft players, but unfortunately you cannot obtain it through the enchanting table. In today’s guide we’ll show you all the different ways on how to get mending books in Minecraft!

Trading from a Librarian

You’ll need to find a village for this to work. One of the many jobs that villagers can take is the Librarian, and they become one when there is a lectern nearby. If you didn’t know, villagers can take on jobs when there is a job block placed by them. You can look for a random village in your world and check to see if it has any librarians – if not, don’t worry, you can basically make any villager take any job you want.

Source: Minecraft Wiki

First, you’ll need to make your own lectern, as indicated by the crafting recipe above. Lecterns are pretty simple to make, with the hardest component probably being the bookshelf as you’ll need leather and sugar canes for that.

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Once you have lectern, find a jobless villager (they won’t have any special hat on) and then make a little room for them. You can also just fence them in too. Place the lectern nearby, and eventually you’ll see the villager walk over and then glow green. You should also see them don the librarian’s hat. Congratulations, you have your own librarian now!

Interact with the librarian and you’ll bring up the trade menu. Librarians only start out with offering one enchanted book, and you can continue to level them up in which they will offer a maximum of four enchanted books.

Alternatively, if a librarian doesn’t have a Mending book for trade, you can simply remove the lectern and the librarian will revert back to a jobless villager. Place the lectern back down and the villager will become a librarian with a refreshed trade list. You can do this as many times as you like.

Auto/Manual Fishing

Another method of getting enchantment books is to fish them up. Instead of fishing up fish, you’ll sometimes get enchantment books if you’re lucky. You can do this manually if you want, but it’ll take a while and it’s easy to get burnt out on it. The better thing to do is to setup a fishing farm.

There’s plenty of designs that you can find on the internet that work very well, so go ahead and look up your favorite Minecraft YouTuber and they probably have a design that works well. Our personal favorite is Shulkercraft’s AFK fishing farm – check it out!

Those are the most popular ways of getting enchantment books, hopefully with mending on them! If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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Minecraft: How to get Mending Books


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