Minecraft: Best Armor Enchantments


Enchanting your gear is the best way to stay protected when you go out and explore in the wonderful world of Minecraft. Enchantments are very powerful boons that can be applied to individual pieces of armor, but each piece can only hold a certain amount of enchantments so you’ll need to choose. We’re here with our Minecraft best armor enchantments to show you which ones to prioritize!

Best Enchantments

The following enchantments are incredibly useful in just about any situation and we highly recommend them if you can’t think of any other enchantments to get.

The first and most obvious enchantment is protection. Protection increases the effectiveness of your armor, which basically means you take more hits before you can go down. Having protection on at least two pieces of armor can make you impervious to most things, and this is especially important if you’re playing on Hard difficulty.

If you have a really good piece of gear, you absolutely need to get mending. Mending makes it so that gear is automatically repaired every time you earn experience points.

The unbreaking enchant gives your armor a chance to not lose durability whenever you take damage. The higher level unbreaking, the more likely the effect will occur. Couple unbreaking with mending and you basically have nigh-invulnerable gear!

A full set of diamond armor with the listed three enchantments can basically get through just about anything the game can throw at you.

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Situational Enchantments

The following enchantments are helpful but usually in specific circumstances. They’re nice to have, but it’s no big deal if you can’t get them.

The specific attack-type protections, like projectile/fire/blast protection. These enchantments will further reduce damage but only from that specific kind of attack, but it’s much easier to just have protection on all of your armor.

Respiration for helmets allows you to stay underwater for an extended amount of time. This is useful if you’re planning on diving for sunken treasures or underwater monuments. Additionally, depth strider for boots allows you to move faster in water. Pair these up to have normal mobility in the water.

Aqua affinity lets you mine blocks underwater at a normal speed. You really only use this if you want to mine monuments and other underwater blocks, so don’t worry about this one too much.

Thorns has a chance to deal 1-4 hearts worth of damage back to anything that attacks you. The higher your level, the better chance of the effect triggering. The extra damage is nice, but it’s nothing too substantial.

Feather falling reduces the amount of fall damage you take. This enchantment can save you some a fatal accident if you get blown off a ledge or something.

Frost walker turns water nearby you into frosted ice. It also nullifies damage taken from stepping on magma blocks and campfires. This is useful for traversing the new biomes in the nether or across rivers and lakes.

Soul speed is a fun little enchantment that causes you to move faster when traversing soul sand/soil, which is opposite of what it normally does. You can get around the nether faster with this, and you can even build your own highways made out of soul sand.

And those are all the armor enchantments in Minecraft. Which enchantments are your favorite, and which ones do you think are the best? Let us know in the comments below!

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Minecraft: Best Armor Enchantments


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