Mario Strikers Battle League Best Gear Guide


Mario Strikers Battle League is an incredibly fun sports game for the Nintendo Switch. Players team up to play exciting matches. You can choose different characters from the Mario universe and create different builds for them. And in this guide, we will tell you about the best Gears in Mario Strikers Battle League.

Best Gear in Mario Strikers Battle League

In Mario Strikers Battle League, players can equip their favorite character with Gears from 6 different sets. All of them can positively and negatively affect the character’s Attributes. There are 5 Attributes in total:

  • Strength
  • Speed
  • Shooting
  • Passing
  • Technique

All of them affect gameplay in different ways. All characters have their base Attributes, so you can make fast characters like Peach and Toad even faster. Or vice versa to make their blows stronger. Gears give you the ability to customize your character’s Attributes to suit your play style.

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So, the player can equip up to 4 of the same or different Gear. Each set boosts one specific Attribute but lowers the other. Except for the Bushido Set, in which each Gear greatly boosts one Attributes, but greatly reduces the rest.

All Gear Sets Bonuses

Set NameHeadArmsBodyLegs
Muscle Gear SetSpeed +2, Technique -2 Speed +2, Strength -2Speed +2, Passing -2Speed +2, Shooting -2
Turbo Gear SetSpeed +2, Technique -2Speed +2, Strength -2Speed +2, Passing -2Speed +2, Shooting -2
Cannon Gear SetShooting +2, Technique -2Shooting +2, Speed -2Shooting +2, Strength -2Shooting +2, Passing -2
Chain Gear SetPassing +2, Speed -2Passing +2, Shooting -2Passing +2, Technique -2Passing +2, Strength -2
Trick Gear SetTechnique +2, Passing -2Technique +2, Speed -2Technique +2, Strength -2Technique +2, Shooting -2
Bushido Gear SetPassing +4 , Strength -1, Speed -1,
Shooting -1, Technique -1
Technique +4, Strength -1, Speed -1,
Shooting -1, Technique -1
Strength +4, Strength -1, Speed -1,
Shooting -1, Technique -1
Speed +4, Strength -1, Speed -1,
Shooting -1, Technique -1

As you can see, there are no best Gears in the game. So you can choose the one that suits your playing style. But we do not recommend that you equip the full Bushido Set. Because your Attributes will be terrible. Instead, it’s better to use one or two Gears from the set. We hope this guide was helpful to you.

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Mario Strikers Battle League Best Gear Guide


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