Mario Strikers Battle League offers different characters from the Mario franchise, put in a football-like sports game where each character has unique super abilities. The Hyper Strikes is the main ability unique to each character that players can use to hit a guaranteed goal. 

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In this Mario Strikers Battle League guide, we share details on how you can perform a Strike Shot, aka Hyper Strike. 

How to Do a Strike Shot in Mario Strikers Battle League

You can do a Strike Shot, aka Hyper Strike, in Mario Strikers Battle League using the Strike Orb that appears during matches. 

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While you are playing any match of Mario Strikers Battle League, be on the lookout for the Strike Orb—as soon as it appears on the field, run for it and obtain it. Once you have the Strike Orb, your team will get hyped for twenty seconds. 

During this time, you can perform the Strike or Hyper Strike Shot by pressing and holding the A button on your Nintendo Switch. This will trigger a charged shot. 

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Once the charge meter is full—you will get a moving meter with different color bars. Press A when the meter is inside the blue bar to hit the Hyper Strike shot, which gets you a confirmed goal. 

Mario Strikers Battle League Hyper Strike Meter and Respective Goal Chances

Depending on the color of the area where the meters stop during a Hyper Strike, you will have different likeliness for a goal. Here is a list of Meter Result you can get while performing a Hyper Strike and their respective Goal Chances. 

  • Meters stops at Both Blue –> Guaranteed Goal
  • Meters stops at Blue and Orange –> Highly Likely
  • Meters stops at Both Orange –> Likely
  • Meters stops at Blue and Black –> Likely
  • Meters stops at Orange and Black –> Unlikely
  • Meters stops at Both Black –> Guaranteed Block

So that’s it. This is how you can perform a Strike, also known as a Hyper Strike in Mario Strikers Battle League. 

Mario Strikers Battle League is a sports videogame currently available on the Nintendo Switch platform. 

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How to Do a Strike Shot in Mario Strikers Battle League


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