Mario Strikers Battle League All Hyper Strikes List and Which Is Best?


After a long time, Mario returns to a new game called Mario Strikers Battle League. In this sports simulator, players need to team up and play football without rules. There are different characters in the game, and each of them has a unique Hyper Strike. So, in this guide, we will tell you which of all Hyper Strikes is the best.

Mario Strikers Battle League All Hyper Strikes

During matches, players can pick up Strike Orb on the field. This Orb gives any member of your team the ability to perform a Hyper Strike. This is a special strike that can score two goals at once. Moreover, Hyper Strike is unique for each character and can impose different effects on the players of the other team.

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Mario Strikers Battle League All Hyper Strikes List

Hyper StrikeEffect
Fire Cyclone (Mario)Mario launches the flame ball in a spiral with a chance to set enemies on fire.
Spin Tornado (Luigi)Luigi launches a tornado that sucks enemies in and slows them down.
Banana Blast (Donkey Kong)Donkey Kong launches a shockwave that knocks enemies down.
Flame Cannon (Bowser)Bowser launches a huge flame ball that sets enemies on fire.
Drill Smash (Toad)Toad slams the ball into the ground and stuns enemies.
Orbital Burst (Rosalina)Rosalina launches an ice ball that can freeze enemies.
Dance of Hearts (Peach)Peach launches a heart-shaped ball that distracts enemies.
Egg Stomp (Yoshi)Yoshi launches a bouncing egg that stuns enemies.
Electric Ricochet (Wario)Wario launches a ball that ricochets and can stun enemies.
Thorn Barrier (Waluigi)Waluigi puts up a barrier for a short time that immobilizes enemies.

The Best Hyper Strike in Mario Strikers Battle League

The best Hyper Strike for each player will be different. In fact, they are all equally powerful and useful. But in our opinion, Orbital Burst and Dance of Hearts are the best. And if you miss, your enemies will be frozen or incapacitated.

In summary, all Hyper Strikes in Mario Strikers Battle League are the best. We recommend that you try them all and choose the one you like. And we hope this guide was informative for you.

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Mario Strikers Battle League All Hyper Strikes List and Which Is Best?


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