If you are a fan of mind-relaxing detective games that involve a good portion of romance, then Tears of Themis is your game! We will tell you everything about mysterious Luke Pearce, one of the most popular characters in the game.

​General Information About Luke Pearce in Tears of Themis

To start with, we have gathered basic information about Luke for you to get the basic idea about this male character:

  • Luke was born on the 5th of December.
  • He is 24 years old and 180 cm (70.86 inches) high.
  • The character’s blood type is O.
  • He is a private investigator by occupation.
  • When it comes to love, Luke is always a step behind.
  • This character is timid, kind and carries light and hope inside his soul.
  • He is good at multiple jobs except expressing his true feelings for the girl he was raised with.

​Background of Luke Pearce in Tears of Themis

Luke Pearce is a Main Character’s childhood friend. He is a talented and bright person. After taking the top spot at high school at the age of 16, Luke became a prestigious National Central University student.

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The experiment in the closed, confidential national project prohibited any outside communication. That was why Luke lost contact with the Main Character. Later it turned out that there was no secret project, and he became a Financial and Technology Crime investigator in the National Security Bureau. Luke has an unknown disease and will live only for three years and two months more. He opens Pearce Private Investigations as it was his dream to become a detective. Also, he owns an antique store called Time’s Antiquities.

The parents left Luke a three-story house. He lives on the 3rd floor, his private investigation business is on the 2nd floor, and the 1st floor is Time’s Antiquities. Also, Luke is the owner of the intelligent and professionally trained bird Peanut.

Now you know everything about Luke Pearce. Please don’t waste your time and get acquainted with him while playing Tears of Themis!

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