How to Increase Affection in Tears of Themis

Are you a fan of romance-themed detective games? Then you must try a fantastic game called Tears of Themis featuring various characters. Each character attracts with their uniqueness. Let’s check their bio, ages and get acquainted with each of them: Marius von Hagen, Artem Wing, Vyn Richter, and Luke Pearce. Check our guide below!

​Getting Acquainted With the Characters From Tears in Themis

Are you ready to meet new friends? Use our guide to get to know the characters in Tears In Themis:

  • Marius von Hagen is a 21-year-old Pax Group heir-apparent and playboy. His character is rebellious and doesn’t care about rules. In the future, you will be Marius’s defender as he will be charged with murder, and your task will be to prove his innocence. This character also has more inside than it may seem from first sight. Additional info: he has a birthday on June 21, his blood type is B, and his height is 188 cm (74 inches).
  • Artem Wing is a mature 29-year-old attorney. He is a humble and dedicated person who is devoted to studies and work. Because of this, there is a lack of personal relationships in his life. You will be a junior attorney once you start playing a game, and Artem will be your boss. Additional info: he has a birthday on April 26, his blood type is A, and his height is 182 cm (71.6 inches).
  • Vyn Richter is a 27-year-old professor at Stellis University (The School of Psychology). He is smart and holds many degrees. Vyn is an attractive individual among the students. Nevertheless, his life story is interesting, and he is worth being judged not only by his appearance. Vyn is considered a rather intriguing character in Tears Of Themis, and his life is indeed mysterious. Additional info: he has a birthday on September 27, his blood type is AB, and his height is 178 cm (70 inches).
  • Luke Pearce is a 24-year-old private detective. In the game, he will be your childhood friend lost many years ago. Luke is good at fighting, survival, and tracking. Some circumstances from the past made him pretty shy in communication with ladies. Additional info: he has a birthday on December 05, his blood type is O, and his height is 180 cm (70.8 inches).

As you can see, each character in Tears In Themis comes from a different profession and background. Still, they all have something in common: each owns a unique characteristic that distinguishes them from the others.

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