Welcome to LOTR: Rise to War! As you already know, to upgrade your settlement you have to build new facilities and improve the level of existing ones, which influence the life of your citizens and troops as well. We made for you a list of buildings in the order we recommend to you to improve them.

Main Hall and Storage

The Main Hall can limit the level of the other buildings in your city. It needs many resources to upgrade, though it doesn’t take so much time for that (only 26 hours).

The storage contains the number of resources you can have in your city. Increase its capacity to be able to contain more stuff in there.


Apothecary is associated with the number of command units that can fit in your hospital. There you can revive wounded troops. Increase the apothecary size, so that more units can fit in there to be cured. The higher the level of Apothecary, the faster treatment will be. Note that you need food to cure your injured forces.

Resource tribute

Resource tribute includes Lumber, Stone, Ore, and Grain.

You get more production while leveling up these buildings. We recommend putting them in the queue before you go to sleep, so you will concentrate on more important tasks while playing the next day.


The barracks show you the total number of units in the command you can have in your city. The higher number you possess, the bigger army you could have and put under different commanders. There you can see how much space you have, and the full number of commands as well. Different types of troops have different numbers that contain the full command. For example, you need 100 guardians to make one full command. If there are 101 units, the commands are two. Eagles gather up to 5 units per command, so 15 eagles make 3 command points. 

Conscription post 

The construction post shows the number of command units you can train at a moment in time. It influences how fast you train those troops and the number of cues that you have by hiring.

Fellowship hall

It gives you the ability to receive help from your allies and reduces your time on things that you’re building. The amount of time you save is more as you level up your fellowship.


There you can get the highest tiles possible and later trade the resources.  


The battlements influence your settlement durability. If your city is being attacked, it gives you more time to struggle against the enemy’s forces, till your city will be forced off the map and have to be moved to another location.

Military academy 

It shows you the main hall levels and unlocks at the Main Hall at the 5th level. Boosts the number of command units you’re able to have under a commander. 

Bowman Tower

This building defends your city and will be unlocked at the Main Hall level 9.


Shows different sections of the different races which are hosted in your city.

The first one you see there is the race of your city, which you’ve selected while choosing your fraction.

There are various quarters for training various unit types. These quarters can increase the gold levy and production while you upgrade them, so we advise you to do it frequently and at early levels. Quarters are also the limiting factor for upgrading other buildings that you have to get higher tier units of different unit types. 

Unit Unlocks

There’s a benefit of unlocking different unit types. Each of them has different capabilities. There are examples of them down below.

Militia training grounds

Upgrade effect:

  • Troops available for conscription – Spearman
  • Reduces the conscription time of Militia 10%
  • Reduces the conscription time of Spearman 

Goat Rider Stable

Upgrade effect:

  • Reduces the conscription time of Goat Rider from 30% to 40%

We hope that our article was helpful. Take care and play & have fun!

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LOTR: Rise to War All Buildings List and Guide


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