How to Get Free Resources in LOTR: Rise to War | Trading Guide

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Imagine paying The Lord of the Rings: Rise to War and noticing that you are running out of your resources. You will feel tied up at the moment, won’t you? Still, there is something we can do for you! Let us share how you can get some free resources while playing the game and purchase whatever you need by simply using the Market tool. Ready? Let’s start!

​How to Use Market to Get Rich in the Lord of the Rings: Rise to War

In the Market option, you will find the possibility of arbitraging the market and taking advantage of some bonuses to get super benefits. There you will be able to see some extras from 20 up to 50%. Here in the Market settings, you will be able to pay with some resources and get way more resources of another type. So, you will be purchasing resources with some discount (e.g., 20% one). Please buy one resource (e.g., purchase 100k food paying with your 80k stone); then, you will have an option to buy something else and make a total of 40k resources.

This way, you will get 20K of food just by making this purchase. And if, for example, you wanted to get 100k stone with a 20% bonus for 80k food, this means that you will be getting 20k bonus stone from what you have started. This way, in total, you will be gaining 40k resources: 20k food and 20k stone with the help of trading in the market.

And this is not the maximum potential of the Market setting! Then you will be able to buy another resource (ore, for example), get another 20k from it, and then use it for purchasing your food back! To sum everything up, you are getting 40k bonus food, 20k bonus ore, and will be able to use your food to repurchase the stone for a total of 80 thousand bonus resources gained from this market swap (buying the iron, then repurchasing food, and repurchasing the stone).

Sounds great. But this is not all you can get from the Market tool! Just refresh the page, and if you are lucky enough, you will be able to do it again! Perhaps you will even get some resources at a 50% discount!

Take the advantages that The Lord of the Rings: Rise to War offers you, and stay tuned!

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How to Get Free Resources in LOTR: Rise to War | Trading Guide


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