List of Pokémon That Can Keep Up With Your Bike-Mon

Koraidon Pokemon Scarlet and Violet
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Your Scarlet & Violet mounts are fast and powerful Pokémon—no doubt. Still, Koraidon and Miraidon, both with 135 Speed, are not the fastest Pokémon around.

There are a few Pokémon that can keep up with your Bike-mon when it comes to speed, and this article brings you all of them ranked by how fast they are based on the current Paldean Pokedex.


Chien-Pao shares the same speed stats with Koraidon and Miraidon. Considering that its base attack stats are 120, this Pokémon is quite a formidable opponent in battle.

Flutter Mane

Another Pokémon with 135 Speed, Flutter Mane is fast enough to keep up with your beloved mount. Thanks to its Protosynthesis ability, its speed can go up another 50% if it holds Booster Energy or if Sunny Day is activated.

Iron Bundle

Iron Bundle is just a tad faster, with 136 Speed, and its 124 Special Attack is not to be trifled with. Similar to Flutter Mane, Iron Bundle can increase its speed even further (50%) if it carries Booster Energy or if on Electric Terrain, thanks to the Quark Drive ability.


Sharing the 136 Speed stat with Iron Bundle, Barraskewda is another Pokémon that is just slightly faster than Koraidon and Miraidon. It is also quite dangerous, with 123 Attack, and doubled speed if you encounter it in the rain, thanks to Swift Swim.


Now, Dragapult is more serious competition because it packs 142 Speed. This Pokémon is another powerhouse with 120 Attack and 100 Special Attack. Add the Dragon Dance move, and you can further boost those Speed and Attack stats and make Dragapult absolutely devastating.


The current reigning champion in this category in Scarlet and Violet, Electrode will leave every other Paldean Pokémon in the dust with its 150 Speed. However, don’t expect its other stats to follow—besides being fast, Electrode does everything else quite averagely.

And there you have it! Those are the Pokémon that can keep up with your Scarlet or Violet mount—until Regieleki shows up, that is. While we’re waiting for that moment, make sure to check out our other related articles, including How to Make Catching Power Sandwich and Best Areas in Scarlet and Violet to Catch High-Level Pokémon.

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List of Pokémon That Can Keep Up With Your Bike-Mon


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